Smart Mover – Ultimate Car Simulator

The German Company SR-Simulationscenter GmbH has created one of the most realistic racing simulators in the world. The Smart Mover is a real-life simulator situated in a car lifted slightly above the floor. The simulator car reacts to the driver’s actions just like a regular car, moving and shaking as the driver rushes through the race track. The simulator was installed in several SMART vehicles, and more recently, inside a BMW M3, and is intended to be used for entertainment purposes at corporate events and exhibitions. If you are willing to pay the right amount, you can probably take one home.

Stephan Rudolph, SR-Simulationscenter GmbH Executive Director, has been developing simulator platforms for over ten years. Using his accumulated experience, he recently invented the Smart Mover – a unique simulator based on a real car platform.

The Smart Mover simulator can be used, for example, to experience a smart rally race or just to take a test drive without leaving the showroom. Since it is a normal passenger car in addition to being a driving simulator, the driver brakes and steers just as he/she normally would. Although the driving is simulated, it is accompanied by engine noises and realistic car movements, causing the driver to become completely immersed in the driving experience.

The Smart Mover is equipped with a 40” widescreen plasma display that is attached to the windshield, allowing the driving to view the race as if he was actually driving the car. The car is also equipped with a 550 W 5.1 surround sound system with THX- certification and variable motion dynamics.

A microprocessor-controlled industrial hydraulics system transmits signals to the car’s suspension device so that the driver feels bumps in the road, collisions, etc.. In addition, the impact sound speakers produce a feeling of motor vibrations. Built-in Racecam and/or Drivecams make the experience more memorable by taking pictures of the participants while they are driving, so they receive a print-out photo of themselves. The company adds that “Racing situations, driving school training and borderline physical driving safety exercises can all be realistically implemented.”

The Smart car was chosen to “host” the simulator because it has a friendly image that makes it more hospitable, and of course because it is a small and versatile car. Not taking up too much space in the showroom is an important advantage of the Smart car. Still, the simulator can be customized in a wide variety of ways, according to the customer’s wishes. For example, it is possible to convert the Smart Mover’s technology to other types of vehicles such as vans and trucks, and indeed, SR-Simulationscenter GmbH recently converted a BMW M3 sports car to use its proprietary technology.

A short video of the Smart Mover is available here.

More information on the Smart Mover can be found on the company’s website.

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