Windhunter makes Hydrogen from Wind

The Florida based company Windhunter is developing a new concept that combines an offshore oil rig, huge retractable wind turbines and electrolyzer that separates the hydrogen from the oxygen in water. The result is a floating rig which converts the ocean’s wind into electricity to create hydrogen which is used as a fuel for a land power plant.

Offshore wind turbines are nothing new. TFOT recently reported the plans to create the world largest wind farm in Thames Estuary in the U.K. The innovation behind Windhunter’s concept is the combination of a movable platform – an oil rig and the end product – hydrogen. The advantage of the rig over conventional offshore wind farms is its mobility which allows it to relocate whenever wind condition in the area changes.  

According to Windhunter the entire project should cost approximately 100 million dollars and will be able to produce approximately 45 megawatts of electricity, which should be able to power close to 13,000 homes.  

Recently there is a surge in renewable energy concept and in the last several months alone we have covered the Heliotube Solar Concentrator, the Sphelar – Spherical Solar Cell the Quietrevolution Helical Wind Turbine and the Solar Heat Pump Electrical Generation System (SHPEGS).   

Windhunter is currently just a concept but is could be another sign of things to come in the renewable energy industry. More information as well as a short animation showing the way the Windhunter should work can be found on the company’s website.

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