Portable Wetsuit Dryer

How about a hanger that dries wetsuits, helping to eliminate unpleasant odors to boot? Hangairs, a San Diego-based company, recently started selling the Hangair Drying System (HDS), a garment hanger with a two-speed high-powered fan. Hangair shortens by up to 70% the time it takes for wetsuits and other sports apparel to dry in the open air – in hours instead of days – and ends the problem of a stinky wetsuits, known only too well to surfers and scuba divers.

Shaped like a regular clothes hanger, only with a bulky middle section occupied by a waterproof fan and motor, the Hangair is made of durable Nylon 66 attached to a 15 ft. electrical cord, which can also be plugged into a car adaptor. Its low-voltage motor is considered safe for wet environments.

The idea behind the invention came to Hangairs’ founder, Michael Appelman, from his own experience. A devoted surfer and scuba diver, he as others like him, wanted a way to dry his wetsuit for the next "Surf’s up!". He came up with the Hangair, got help from fellow surfer and mechanical engineer David Morelock, applied for a patent, and founded his own company, which began shipping the the Hangair to specialized surf and dive shops in November 2006 for about $70 each. Though not mentioned explicitly on the company website, the Hangair should be able to work with other clothes, and seems particularly useful for travel or that last minute change in the car before the business meeting or wedding reception.

More information on the Hangair website.

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