Tubor Domino

Give up? The Domino’s a… radiator to heat the modern home – living room, bedroom, bathroom – or office by the Italian heating manufacturer Tubor. But that’s not all. Renowned designer Matteo Thun, with assistance somewhere along the way from Antonio Rodriguez and Ciro Toscano, not only disguised the hydrolic heating system, he made it sectional, such that the modular 20 x 20 x 5 cm units can be hung from the wall in an infinite number of patterns.

What’s more, hooks hung over the top transform it to a towel or pajama warmer! The "plates" are made of die cast aluminum available in classic RAL colors with a glossy or satin finish to suit your taste. They have a maximum working pressure of 7.5 bars, a maximum working temperature of 95 degrees C, and a heat output of 50 W per plate. Currently in production, no price information is available at present. Is it heat or is it art? Now there’s a new one!

More information and photos of the Domino and several other high-end radiators can be found on the Tubor website (under the new T&D line).

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