combimouse – 2in1 Mouse and Keyboard

Currently under development by an Australian start-up, the combimouse is a combination keyboard and a mouse that provides instant and effortless transition between the two operations, without the need to transfer a hand from one to the other. The combimouse uses a radio connection between its two parts, has a USB interface to the computer, and operates on two AA batteries. The stationary left unit provides the function of the left-hand side of a conventional QWERTY keyboard. The right combimouse unit is a mobile keyboard with keys arranged like the right hand side of a conventional QWERTY keyboard that can be moved around on a support surface like a conventional mouse. With a similar mass, center of gravity, and grip as a conventional mouse, the right unit can have any desired mobility, depending on the support surface. When gripped, the right default keyboard switches to mouse mode and particular keys to mouse click buttons.

The combimouse is currently in advanced prototype stages but is not yet available for purchase. More pictures, videos, and information can be found on the combimouse webpage.

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