Holho: Make your Tablet a Video Hologram Projector

The Holho projector
Creating moving holograms has always been a dream of many technology enthusiasts since the days of star wars. A new Kickstarter project is setting out to try and create a real world low cost hologram based on your tablet.
Holho is a little ingenious Kkickstarter project which promises to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a holographic display. Unlike other toy holographic “displays” the Holho can actually project both still and moving images making it more appealing and possibly even useful.
Designed in Italy, Holho comes in different shapes and sizes which can fit a Smartphone, a small 7″ tablet or a full size 10″ tablet. The Smartphone version works by dividing the image into 4 distinct images, which are reflected on the 4 faces of the pyramid creating an hologram in the center (see video below).
There are currently several versions of the Holho proposed by the team which developed the technology). The first is Holho Naked which is a simple version that uses an oblique sidewall to create a front facing projection. The Holho Zed – another version of the holographic display uses a parallel design, but holds a full tablet on top. Several other choice exist as well – each with its own unique design.
As for content which can be played using the Holho, the creators, are offering an app ($20) that can take videos and divide them so they can be shown on the pyramid devices. Alternatively you can by any one of several videos which you can play on the device (each video will cost you additional $10).
As for the Holho price itself, the Full Pyramid version for tablets starts at the $47 (for a 7″ version” and the smaller Smartphone version will run you a lower $33.
You can find more information on the Kickstarter page of Imagination Farm USA, the Holho creators.
In the past TFOT covered several holographic technologies including the MIT’s 6-D Display, the 360 degrees holographic display, where three-dimensional images can be seen from any angle at a reasonable distance, and Infosys’“real”hologram, where the company will be merging holography into mobile communications. TFOT also covered the Heliodisplay floating screen, which is an image that hovers above a seemingly ordinary table. This unique technology, developed by a former architect, creates one of the most convincing open-air holographic-like images in existence.

The Holho presentation video

A demo video of the pyramid tablet

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