AdTrap and no more Ads – on any Device

Hate online ads? feel like your web browsing experience is hampered by pop ups, banners and other unwanted intrusive content? a new Kickstarter product promises to bring a hardware solution to this nagging problem.
Online advertisements have been a growing part of web browsing in recent years but although they help keep websites going they can also become quite a nuisance if overly used. Currently on the market are several software solutions which work with specific browsers. However there are very few ad blocking mobile solutions on the market and no global solution for multiple devices – until now that is.
AdTrap is the brainchild of inventor Chad Russell who decided to create a different solution for blocking ads. Instead of a browser specific add-on he created a open-source hardware device with a Linux OS which connects between the modem and the router, track all of the users’ internet traffic and block all types of ads.
The AdTrap uses an ARM processor (Atmel AT91SAM9X25 ARM926EJ-S), 128MByte DDR2 RAM, 2x, 256MByte Flash for storage (optional SD + usb flash/HDD), Ethernet ports, Serial Port, Software Modem, USB Host/Device and Zigbee Interface.

AdTrap requires zero configuration according to its developer and can handle both video, music and web browsing on both desktop and mobile devices and can even handle ads on mobile apps.  
More information can be found on the AdTrap kickstarter page.
The  AdTrap Kickstarter video

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