Inflatable Jacket Keeps you Warm with Argon Gas

The Klymit Ulaar Jacket
We heard about all sorts of strange and innovative ways of keeping warm but the Klymit Ulaar winter jacket certainly tops the list with a unique insulation system based on either air or Argon Gas.
Created by Klymit – a young outdoor goods and apparel company, the Ulaar is a new take on the extreme weather jacket. The Ulaar has many air chambers which can fairly easily be inflated or deflated to create more or less insulation.
Using a small air pump the user can pump air into the jacket to create air pockets that will capture the body heat when it is extremely cold or use the pump to take the air out if the user gets too warm (while hiking for example).
The Ulaar is made of low Friction 50D Polyester shell, it has an articulated hood (which actually has no air pockets inside it), welded arm pockets, double slider water resistant zippers (and the jacket itself is windproof and waterproof). It comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL as well as a dry air pump.
According to Klymit the Ulaar has 9 Core Benefits:
  • Variable Insulation: Warmth on Demand. Adjustable on the fly.
  • Warm When Wet: Maintains thermal properties when wet and even submerged.
  • Dynamic Channel Design: Ventilation is enhanced while deflated, yet when inflated NobleTek™ chambers conform to your body snugly, capturing your body heat.
  • Windproof: Pressurized chambers of gas never collapse when inflated and are unmoved by wind.
  • Thinner: Argon insulates up to 3 times better than the dead air which other insulation traps. Warmer and thinner.
  • Lighter: Argon is virtually weightless. Based on the volume of gas in the vest you can change your insulation from that of a windbreaker to a full-on ski parka with no change in weight.
  • Safe: Breathe easy, we only use gases which are non-toxic and nonflammable.
  • Eco-Friendly: The only insulation you will never see in a landfill.
  • Loft Retaining: NobleTek will never lose its loft like traditional insulation will. Just pump and go. 


Klymit decided to promote the project using kickstarter – the crowdfunding network of choice for many of today’s new innovative projects. So far the project raised almost $30,000 out of a goal of $40,000 and there is still about a week left to go before the deadline.
The Klymit Ulaar currently cost about $165 for backers on kickstarter (plus about $35 if you like that Argon starter pack).You can learn more on the Ulaar on the project Kickstarter page.

The project kickstarter video

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