CristalBubble: The Future of Portable Green Living

The CristalBubble
Ever wanted to spend a night or two in nature in style but without disrupting the environment? French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has designed a unique portable inflatable “Bubble” that can be used as a personal see-through villa which can be placed almost anywhere.
The CristalBubble was developed by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas as a new approach to temporary accommodation for fun and relaxation for the eco-luxury tourist. The CristalBubble is based several conservation principles including: using minimum energy, minimum area but on the other not sacrificing comfort and interaction with the environment which is why you go into nature in the first place.
You can think about the CristalBubble as the 21 centaury luxury version of the old tent. Dumas created an entire "ecosystem" of Bubbles, some smaller ones and some bigger ones which can fit an entire family in comfortably. The CristalBubble let you sleep under the stars and waking up to the first sun-rays while still being totally protected from the elements by a firm plastic bubble.
The CristalBubble can be assembled quickly with a special noiseless pump which also maintains a constant pressure within the walls of the bubble. The CristalBubble is made out of environmentally friendly recyclable material which also blocks UV rays (after all you don’t want to get back home from your vacation deep fried.

The CristalBubble is just the tip of the iceberg. Dumas developed a full range of eco friendly luxury portable accommodations including what he refers to as the Bubbltree. A unique version of the CristalBubble developed to be situated on top of a tree – just like a tree house but with a 360 degree view of the surrounding area (including an option to fold the plastic cover). the Bubbltree is a bit more complicated to install and less "portable" as it requires stairs and a fixed floor, unlike the CristalBubble.

Video showing designer Pierre Stephane Dumas and the CristalBubble (French)

The CristalBubble are available all over France for around $635 per night or If you would like to buy one it will set you back about 5000 Euros for the 3m model and about 7000 Euros for the 5m one – definitely a luxury living.
More information on Pierre Stephane Dumas and the CristalBubble can be found on the bubbletree website.

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