ATT Develops a Smart Remote Control

AT&T has recently introduced new universal remote control, named Point Anywhere RF, which offers better controlling of various devices. Its most innovative advantage is the ability to work through walls – giving users the option to command DVD players, VCRs and television sets from all around the house.
Point Anywhere Remote (Credit: ATT)
Point Anywhere Remote
(Credit: ATT)

The remote is relatively simple and yet is capable of working with most known brands. While those users who tend to buy the cheaper, non-branded devices might be disappointed to discover the remote doesn’t support their TV or receiver, most high-end devices – as well as the middle-priced ones – should work smoothly with the Point Anywhere RF.

The remote features an exceptionally practical mode, in which it ‘learns’ to work with a specific home theater component. This unique feature provides audio and visual feedback that guides the user through the whole programming process, simplifying it as possible.

The RF Point Anywhere Remote is provided with plug-n-play USB dongle; it requires no power cords or bulky antennas, and therefore creates a wireless commanding experience, in which users can avoid using multiple remotes. According to its specification, it can control up to four devices (U-verse receiver, TV and two other devices) – a number that should suffice for most home-theater systems. Furthermore, the working range is 30’ using infra-red (IR), and 150’ using radio frequency (RF).

Currently the remote is priced at $49. Considering the fact that many universal remote controls units are priced over $100, the Point Anywhere RF might just be one of the more cost-effective choices on the market.

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For more information about the RF Point Anywhere Remote, see AT&T’s online store.

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