How 2020 Changed the Way We Use Technology?

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Many innovations are made in technology every year, all for entertainment. But in 2020, instead of scrolling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we used technology for many other purposes.

Not only that, the entertainment industry and technology were one of the most affected industries. New technologies were introduced and some existing technologies started to gain more popularity. The trend of online streaming was already growing but Covid-19 sped up things as Cinemas were closed and all Linear TV had to offer was news and limited TV shows.

People who are concerned about their privacy and who want to access geo-restricted streaming services started using VPNs. According to the Streaming Rant guides, you can access any geo-blocked streaming service from anywhere. The usage of VPN paced up and a large number of people started switching to streaming platforms.

2020 has changed the way we look at technology, and some of the reasons for being in the front of the screen for almost 18 hours a day are given below

1. Couches become Offices

Before this pandemic, people have to go to the offices for their work, but 2020 ended this all and give everybody time to spend time with their family members, and they do not even have to go to offices.

From 2020, everyone is doing their work online from the couch, and this is how our couches become our workplace. Zoom is the most used app of 2020 as almost all business companies preferred it. By keeping in mind the scenario of the pandemic, certain changes were also made in zoom.

For example, you can have a meeting for just 40 minutes, then zoom removed this limitation, and now you can have a meeting for more than 40 minutes.

2. Online Streaming Outclassed Linear TV

As mentioned in the introduction, the Entertainment industry had a huge blow from the pandemic. Cinemas were closed and people had to stay in their homes. In such circumstances, Linear TV was able to offer very limited content while the online streaming platforms had tons of content titles ready for people all around the world.

Thanks to the cheaper service and better content quality, online streaming service overshadowed Linear TV easily, and not only that, streaming services were among the most profitable industries during the period.

2. E-Learning

Due to this pandemic, governments decided to close all institutes to protect students, but governments do not want to waste the precious time of their future leading generations.

So schools were ordered to manage online cases, and lectures were delivered through different apps like oom, Microsoft teams, and google meet. Teachers and students could communicate with each other both with video and without video.

Moreover, many famous institutes launched online free courses for students for enhancing their skills like time management, stress management, different ways of using this lockdown period, etc.

3. Shopping

In 2020 we used technology very much for online shopping because most shopping centers were closed. However, grocery shops were opened, and management was ordered to take strict measures, so people follow all sops.

Furthermore, new payment and grocery receiving methods were introduced for minimum contact because contact spread germs.

Many people designed online grocery apps and earned very much from them. Walam grocery app in the US hit the highness number of downloaders. The increase in their growth rate was 460% per day.

However, people had to look for some safety protocols as well for online shopping because online frauds and account hacks are normal. People started using VPNs to protect their privacy and encrypt their traffic. A VPN is not only used for protecting your virtual identity but a VPN is also necessary to keep yourself safe online and unidentified.

4. Health

Pandemic disturbed the fitness of many people because they were enabled to go to the gyms and in some areas, people were not even allowed to move out for morning walk.

But then people started using technology for their fitness, and many health trainers built their social media accounts and started posting videos of different workouts. Moreover, many apps have also been launched where you can take live training sessions from your expert. Thus your mobile became your gym.

5. Automation of Customer Service

Due to the widespread lethal virus, governments tried their best to keep humans protected, so they advised them to stay home and replaced them with artificial intelligence for doing different tasks.

For example, in hospitals, malls, retail centers, and companies, robots were used to give different services to the customers. There was a huge increase in the manufacturing of robots this year, and they helped humankind very much.

Moreover, in Japan, these robots were designed to follow all sops for enhancing social distancing and the importance of masks. Isn’t it amazing!

6. Blockchain Expands

This tiny virus revealed very much and gave us the lesson that trust, transparency, and resiliency are more important than any other thing. So the blockchain tried its best to help the poor.

For example, in China, blockchain introduced data tracking for helping needy people. With its help, people could track the neediest people; best of all, donors get verification once the needy people receive their amount.

Providing poor living was the most difficult target of this pandemic, so the UN world food program introduced blockchain technology for helping the Syrian. Due to their hard work the bank fee was reduced to 98% for the maximum help of the poor.


In a nutshell, this pandemic technology has helped us very much during the period of this pandemic and emerged as our helper in almost all fields of life, from shopping to customer service. It has saved our youth from a major loss and revealed to us what is more important in life.

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