Air Pollution: How It Affects Student Health

As human beings have progressed more and more, developing new industries and burning fossil fuels without a second thought, the world has seen the side effects in the form of pollution and global warming. Air pollution in particular remains one of the largest risks for human health. It causes various diseases and can even lead to death in many cases.

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Whether you are a student or a professional, studying environmental pollution in the hope of doing something about it should be a priority. Academic studies have been done on this topic for years now and many free essay examples on pollution are available online. Reading some of these essays at grades fixer will show you how badly this phenomenon is affecting student health as well. Doing some research about this topic is essential for all of us so that we can do our little part in improving our world’s air quality.

Before reading a study on this subject, however, you should know how air pollution affects human lives. It’s not only related to causing disease but is also linked with a drop in academic performance.

The Effects of Air Pollution

If you thought that air pollution was leading only to global warming, that is not the case. This was the leading cause of 5 million deaths per year back in 2019 and 9% of the deaths that take place globally are attributed to harmful air quality. In poorer countries, this percentage can reach up to 20% which makes this a global problem that we need to work on. 

This phenomenon also leads to many serious issues such as the creation of smog and global warming. The pollutants trapped in smog are extremely harmful to people and cause many respiratory problems, among others. And we all know how global warming is causing our world’s overall temperature to rise and causing many natural disasters. This is why knowing about these issues and figuring out how to save health from such problems is crucial for everyone these days.

How It Affects Student Health

Back in 2011, a study was conducted in which the levels of pollution and their effects on students were studied across different public schools. It showed how students in a campus that was hit by air pollution coming from nearby industrial zones were highly affected. Two later studies also confirmed similar results and determined that when students study on a campus that has bad air quality, their academic performance and health were significantly affected.

The problem of environmental pollution in a school campus is so serious that last year, a school in Burlington had to be closed down because of harmful chemicals in the air. These chemicals were given off by the caulking on the windows and were only discovered during a renovation project. This means that the bad air quality in this particular school might have been potentially affecting the students’ health as well as performance for years. 

When students have to go to schools that are directly affected by such pollutants or are located in a city with bad air quality, they are at risk of developing serious health issues over time. It becomes harder for them to focus on writing a research paper or doing some other work and their education suffers too. Therefore, schools must take this issue seriously and make sure that the atmospheric quality at their campus is good enough for students to spend all day there.


Air pollution around the world has become a global problem at this point and it needs to be addressed. Young students who are going for a good education are very prone to be affected by it not only physically but also mentally. In today’s scenario, especially when we know how respiratory problems have caused a lot more deaths among people suffering from a disease like COVID-19, schools must focus on this problem and provide students with the best possible clean and healthy environment to study in. 

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