How The Future of Home Decor is Changing With Technology

Technological development is pervasive. Its effects and influence aren’t restricted to its field but affecting most parts of our daily lives. From day to day activities and household chores to home security and decor, technology is a heavy part of it as it should be. Now tech isn’t just making our lives more comfortable with automated systems and faster computers; it has also made it more fancy and stylish. 

Tech in home decor is affecting the present and paving a very intriguing path for the future. More and more people have started, including ‘cyber-decors’ into their households, merging them with old styles, which leads you to question how tech will affect the future of home decor. While I couldn’t look into the future, I can give you a glimpse into the current decor fads influenced by tech and how they are changing its future.

  1. DNA Portraits

Biological patterns and prints have always fascinated us as humans, and incorporating them into patterning ornaments of our homes has been tried, tested, and approved. Natural textures and biologically inspired decorations look phenomenally good, and DNA11 has come up with something that runs along the same lines. DNA portraits! Yes, you read that right, photographs of your DNA, styled, colored, and fixed in a way that increases the style quotient of your home, are highly personal and undeniably tech-driven.

Quoting dna11, the process is easy, painless, and simple. The company, dna11, sends a collection kit to your home with everything you may need to collect a sample of your DNA. The process is painless and requires you to swab the inside of your cheeks, and you’re done!. The portraits come in a wide range of colors, styles, frames, and sizes that you can pick to go with your home’s theme and style. 

  1. Smart Home Devices

The decor isn’t just restricted to visual and tactile impression anymore. With rapidly developing technology, home decorations have begun designing devices that serve a purpose yet remain decorative and chic. Take, for example, the latest trend of home automation and smart home devices. Whole houses are being designed, built, and styled around these smart home devices for the ultimate comfort and luxury. 

A good example would be Google’s ‘Google Nest’ or Amazon’s ‘Alexa.’ These devices are designed so that they offer premium functionality while remaining stylish and fancy to the point that they blend in perfectly with your decorations. 

The ever-growing fame of home automation and smart devices may indicate the path home styling may take in the future. There is no stopping the meteoric development of technology around us, so its impact on our environment is predictable.  

  1. Digital Frames

Another fine example for new-age decors replacing old-age ornaments is introducing digital frames as a substitute to the oldest decorations, framed portraits, and pictures. Adorning walls and mantles with framed images of family members and beloved pets is a tradition for home-styling and decor. With the onslaught of technological development, the practices of old are slowly yet steadily being replaced by digital frames. 

Digital frames in a shell are simple digital screens with brackets around them that display a queue of images or play your favorite videos based on what you feed into them. They can also show you famous paintings (you could have your own Mona Lisa at home). Their flexibility and utility, plus the uniqueness and quirkiness, make them a great pick and yet again an indication of what’s to come.

  1. Smart Lighting

It is pretty evident how essential lighting is to home decor and ornamentation. Without the proper lighting, even the chicest and sleek designs would seem dull and drab. Professional stylists have time and again stressed its importance, and future decor enterprises have taken notes. 

The latest fashion in lighting comes in smart and automated lighting systems that can be connected to an application on your mobile. The lights are made of LEDs and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Control over an application gives great flexibility and options for lighting and setting up mood boards. Automated lighting has an additional advantage wherein timed setups can be used to secure and deter burglars.

  1. Digital Time

Most traditional ornaments are on their way to being replaced by digital devices. We’ve already seen how framed portraits are now displayed in digital frames. Similarly, timekeeping has turned into a digital affair. Clocks are an essential piece of decor because they are inherently the center of attention. As time passes on, this center of attention has transitioned itself from analog to digital. 

Most homes have begun replacing analog wall clocks with digital ones to go with today’s minimalistic and clean design. With even timekeeping machines being modernized to match today’s trend and tomorrow, I guess it really is time to move on. 

Tech is, will, and has to be a part of our daily lives invariably. Their influence on decor may be detested by some and loved by others, but its spread is like any other in the industry. People will grow and eventually learn to live with it, if not love it. And if it wasn’t already evident, I think I’ve made up my mind on where the decor’s future is headed. 

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