The Future of Home Security

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Home is where your cat is, or the heart, whichever one. But this doesn’t necessarily mean everyone feels completely safe in their home, especially if you have been a victim of a burguary befor or live on your own. 

Fortunately, the future of technology holds the promise to change how we handle basic home security with huge advances in technology and practicality in some cases meaning some systems do not require specialist skills of a builder or locksmith to install giving you a bit more practicality and security. 

Both Commercial and Residential Security of the future will be much more than just high security locks. The ever changing technology will take advantage of the Internet of Things, sensors, drones, specially formulated paints and much more. 

Smart Locks, Smart Homes and Drones 

Whether you live in a house or flat the first line of defence for your home is your locks. The smart lock is quickly becoming fashionable with ever increasing popularity. Smart locks do not require a key and instead use bluetooth or wifi to interact with the world. Instead they rely on a fob system or by using an app on your smartphone. With there being no pin tumbler system in the lock the traditional ways of bypassing a smart lock are now obsolete, making the smart lock more secure and the lock of the future.  

Some companies are embarking on developing futuristic coatings for the home, contaminating anyone who tries to jump over the fence with a wash resistant paint that makes them identifiable to the police as each unit of this smart paint has its own unique code which can then be used to link the criminal to a specific crime. This technology works in a similar way to how banks  insert some booby trapped banknotes in deposit boxes. These banknotes have a UV paint that can’t be removed easily.

Another technology being examined are security drones which are activated by the detection of a potential intruder, Someone is climbing over your fence example, the security system will detect the potential criminal and release a drone which will record and pursue the intruder until he is driven out of the property, not even reaching the home. These types of systems while they seem far fetched, in reality  they are not too far away. 

Smart Detectors/Surveillance

The trend is rather obvious, that in this age, home security cameras will tap into the smart solutions available and are only going to get better . Even now, a few manufacturers are beginning to unveil motion-activated cameras that are able to distinguish between pets or animals rooting around in your bin  or so called “accepted people”  using facial recognition technology and someone unknown that may potentially be a criminal. 

The next phase of this sort of system will go even further and incorporate other environmental factors such as air quality, temperature, and vocal-recognition sensors that learn over time, and will react differently depending on various conditions, like season, weather time of year and day and act accordingly.

Burglar Alarms

The IoT, (IInternet Of Things) with its Inter-connectivity capability, has many advantages to technology as a whole but also security. In the near future, your home security system could have either locally or in the cloud a database with friends, family or potential offenders and persona non grata, and by using facial recognition technologies, can, depending on the gravity of the situation, either silently notify you in a low priority breach, alert you in a medium security breach, or go full metal jacket alerting everyone from you to police and security companies with who you have contracts.

Automated Neighborhood Watch

It’s in our nature to take care of the ones closest to us, that’s why neighborhood watch programs, composed mostly of people that have a lot of free time and curious about the neighbors yard have sprung all over the UK and have been operating for the best part of 20 years.

But advances in technology will make this intrusive behaviour obsolete, by connecting all security systems in an area into a mesh, automating the threat evolution in that area, with the added bonus of alerting the proper authorities about the situation and the alert levels of that area.

Everybody wants to be certain that all the inhabitants of the household are safe, from pets to kids and the elderly, with all their possessions safe and sound. And with the future advances in both the hardware technology and software this will be easier than ever before. Letting you know the activity around the house during the day as simple as a message notification or a tap away on your gadget.

Technological advancements are progressing faster and faster and things we think of far fetched now will probably be a common site in our homes within the next 20 years. 

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