Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

As we all are familiar with the use of internet in our day to day lifestyle it was like that it is the most important thing in today’s era nothing is complete without the addition of social media in it either you see business, education and many more things so the internet has somewhat made the life of peoples comfortable and a little bit easier than before. Running your business via social media is one of the greatest paths to take your business to a higher level.

Digital marketing is increasing day by day because to reach your customers then it is necessary that you have created a website for showing your products and the services you offer. But it is not easy to create a website and that’s all you have to check it whether it is working perfectly or not or customers didn’t face any problem when visiting it so for this you have to test your website with a tool of website testing and one of the best tools which not we all are recommending is Comparium.

Introduction About Comparium tool

When a product comes in the market there are your competitors who also launch their products so it is the same in that there are lots of tools available but the best and easy to use tool is the Comparium tool. When you use this tool for testing your website you don’t have to be stuck with a computer and continuously watching you just have to start it then now it automatically checks the perfectness of your website. Every audience wants an attractive website with smooth functions so they can’t feel distracted from this so this tool helps you in making your website completely functional, smooth, and attractive towards the customers. It’s a pretty helpful tool even if you need to check a website on Internet Explorer For Mac users.


  • Comparium gives you the support of different types of browsers and different types of platforms also so that the customers don’t face any problem in reaching to products and services. This makes it very much compatible with use by the customer’s.
  • This tool can also give you the opportunity of many types of gadgets having multiple operating systems in it so that the website is easily reached to the people. For making your contact stronger with the customers and reaching to each and every person so that you have to do all your efforts for making your website perfect and work smoothly. So that people use this website without facing any error issues.
  • It also gives you the best feature of providing an offline outcome it here means that if you start your website testing with Comparium then you don’t have to see it continuous because it is an automatic website testing tool and it sends you the report of your testing in a form of a screenshot to your given email address so you can check what is the problem in this and it shows how much error and then you have to remove all the error and make it error-free for the customer’s use.
  • It is one of the best analyzers for website testing if it gives you the accurate report of your website errors and by using it you make your website completely perfect. It is one of the best services for testing and it is also very easy to use.
  • It can support all the PC systems like Windows 10,macOS etc.
  • Comparium can also check the security functions means that all features of security are working perfectly or not. It also helps you in making your site virus and bug-free.
  • It is also one of the quickest and easiest tools of automated testing websites.
  • It also saves your lot of time and money also.

Different Versions of Comparium Tool:

Version 1.0

This 1.0 version of Comparium is very much supportive and it is the very first version of Comparium. It is one of the fastest testing tools. One of the very best things is that it is free of cost so you can use it according to your website.

Version 1.5

It comes with an updated version of 1.0 and there are more functional features added for making it more convenient. It helps to allow the comparison of the screen itself automatically.

Version 2.0

It comes with seeing the demand of people like what they want to add in the new version of Comparium. In this new version, it supports the various URL testing into it and when it completes completely then it automatically sends a report of it into your email so that you can see the errors and work on it to make it functional. In this version, you can also test the feature for your mobile device.

Version 3.0

This version helps you in quickly checking with the help of speed and proxies’ also. It also gives you the support of different ratios also. It also enables the adjustment of new types of virtual desktop.

Benefits of Comparium Tool:

  • It can help you in doing all types of website testing.
  • It tells you about the functionality of your website to make it error-free.
  • You are benefited by its automatic testing feature.
  • It gives you the benefit of cross-browser web checking also.
  • You don’t have to monetize it when testing is happening.
  • Benefits of instantly screenshot
  • It is an effortlessly usable tool and it also saves your time.
  • You are able to run it in offline mode also.
  • It is one of the easiest as compared to others.
  • It helps you by highlighting all the errors so you can make it all clear.

So finally you are familiar with the introduction, features, versions, and benefits of the Comparium tool and you are aware that it is one of the best ways to handle your website with ease. It gives you complete assurance about the behavior of your site that it is running smoothly. Comparium is one of the best tools.

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