How To Stay Safe While Dating In The Modern World

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Dating today feels like an entirely different prospect to what it was in the past. Any boomer will tell you so, usually with a side-order of judgment and superiority. They have a point. The modern idea of dating can seem like a distortion at times. On apps like Tinder, you can judge people entirely on their appearance in a set of photos. Dates may be nothing more than an excuse for a hookup.

However, while it’s easy to judge these things, they’re not necessarily bad. Dating in the past was more formal, but it didn’t lead to particularly good relationships. Divorce rates were high even before it was more socially acceptable to get divorced.

Whether today’s idea of dating is better or worse is up for debate and more of a philosophical issue. What is undoubtable, though, is that there is far more potential for danger. Turning up at someone’s home for a hookup after meeting them on an app is as risky as it is common.

The good news is that there are ways to date in the modern world without putting yourself at risk. Here are a few tips.

Do a background check

The idea of doing a background check on someone you hope to cultivate a relationship with might make you very uncomfortable. But when you’re going to be meeting someone for a hookup, or they want to meet for the first time in a private space, a background check is prudent. Using the best background check site you can find out if the perosn has a criminal history or are on the sex offender registry.

This shouldn’t make you discount them as a person. Mnay good people have made mistakes, and it is possible to become a registered sex offender simply by sending nudes when you yourself are underaged! However, it should make you think twice before putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

Saving face

Pop culture is unfortunately rife with stories of revenge porn, blackmail, and humiliation. The older generation doesn’t understand why younger people still send nudes. There is so much at risk, as your pics can leak even if the person you shared them with has nothing to do with it.

But sending nudes and sexting is part of dating in the modern world. Furthermore, the idea that people shouldn’t take nude pics because of what other people might do verges on victim-blaming. No one should feel like their privacy is unimportant because they shared a photo with someone they trusted.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself, though. You should feel comfortable sending nudes to someone you’re in a committed relationship with. But when you’re texting with a stranger, never include your face or other identifying factors such as tattoos or birthmarks. This way, it is much more difficult for the person to blackmail you or try to shame you.

Of course, you should always think twice before hitting send. The world is unfortunately full of malicious people who won’t hesitate before hurting others. It is easy to get caught up in the moment, but make sure you always take a second to consider the risks.

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