The Alternative Therapies Designed To Pick You Up

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

We live such busy lives, always on the move, worrying about work, our families, and juggling everything in between. It can be hard to look after ourselves in a meaningful way. There may be times that we hit a phase of eating right, but a week or two of long days may drop you back into the path of the trans-fat diet that makes you lethargic, but gives you the immediate feel-good factor that you need to help you in the short term. 

You may go through phases with exercise too, and the same may be true of sleep. It is hard to remain consistent with our health, especially if we are worrying about the health of our children or other loved ones. 

And so life can leave us feeling sluggish and as a result, at a higher risk of picking up all kinds of infections that promise to knock us out of our daily routine. 

IV Therapy

IV Therapy can be used in the treatment of several health conditions. Utilizing a drip and an intravenous line into your body, you can get a direct dose of the vitamins that your body may be lacking.  

It is commonly used from everything from hangovers, and general feelings of being run down, through to jet lag, migraines, and food poisoning. It has also been used within the beauty industry, for creating clearer skin. 

IV therapy may be a good way of giving yourself a pick-me-up that has profound health benefits. It can help you detox and get into a better place healthwise. 

One IV treatment provides you with a super dose of essential B vitamins. This may be of particular use to vegetarians or vegans who may not get much vitamin B12 in their diets, as this is most commonly found in animal products. 

Light Therapy

A lack of exposure to natural life can cause us to feel sluggish and depressed. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD affects many people, causing excessive tiredness and low mood. This is especially prevalent during the winter months, where there are much fewer hours of daylight. 

Working in an area with a lot of artificial light may also lead to this condition too. And your sleep patterns may be affected by your brain’s ability to control the body clock without access to sunlight. 

SAD can be treated using light therapy. By using lights that replicate the effect of daylight, your circadian rhythms can be reset. By sitting with a special lamp in the morning, the light can be used to give you a natural lift in order to start your day well. 

There are a number of light therapy options available on the market. One popular option is to get an alarm clock with an inbuilt lamp that turns on just before it is time for you to wake. Having this early morning rise can help you feel more alert first thing in the morning, and allow you to face the day.

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