The Internet Of Things: Good Or Bad?


A lot has been spoken about how the future is “now”! The internet of things sparks numerous debates, not just due to the pioneering approach to how everybody’s lives can change, but also how it affects us from a moral standpoint. From a technical perspective, the internet of things has an abundance of uses in modern life. Smart cars and smart homes are proving to be very exciting, but where is it going, and is it all going to be positive?


Will Our Home Really Become A Supercomputer?

Nowadays, we can all have our own VPS, but while we can become self-sustaining in so many ways, will the smart home get hacked? While we can control our heating, it’s these things that were pointed out 20 years ago in The Simpsons that can spark a lot of concerns. All our electrical appliances developing a mind of their own, will this actually happen? Maybe it’s not going to be this drastic, but while it’s so easy for us to get locked out of our computer, will we get locked out of our home? Is our house being a supercomputer actually a good idea?


The Advent Of Smart Health

The internet of things is having a majorly impressive impact on the health industry. We’ve all seen the smartwatches, but next, the health technology will improve our lives in so many different ways. This doesn’t just have an impact on us, but the health industry as a whole. For example, GlowCaps can fit into prescription bottles to remind patients to take their tablets, or even inform a doctor when a refill is required.


Are We Going To Have A Better Quality Of Life?

The internet of things is a great addition to so many aspects of life, but is this going to improve our life? For every positive, there are going to be various negatives. The whole smart car issue, especially relating to the self-driving ones is a big topic for debate right now. And so, while we could use the internet of things to find a spare parking space or find cheaper insurance rates, the whole regulation surrounding self-driving cars is a very thorny issue indeed, because if we are relying on the internet of things and smart technology to guide us through life, should we even be responsible for the outcomes if it makes a wrong decision?

Yes, there are a lot of questions to be asked, and is the internet of things good or bad? It’s a little from column A and a little from column B. Our home can become a self-autonomous being, but do you want this to actually be the case? We’re all looking for an easier life, but is this really going to benefit us? As far as the internet-of-things is concerned, living a healthy life with smart technology on our wrists and clothes will be amazing, but on the other hand, while the internet of things is already making its mark, naturally there are still so many detractors. This debate will be around for some time yet, but right now, with devices like Alexa, the concerns are beginning to rear their head.

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