Benefits of Outsourcing Your Technical Support Services

If you own or manage a business such as a financial services company with 100 employees or more, when it comes to IT, you more than likely have a department dedicated to keeping things running smoothly. Whether it’s maintaining your computers, purchasing new software, or troubleshooting issues when needed, you’ve got it covered.

However, if you are a Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), such as a doctor’s office, you probably don’t have an IT department, primarily because you can’t afford to maintain one. Adding to this dilemma is the fact that computers, like any electronic device, eventually break down and need fixing. This is the tipping point for outsourcing your technical support services – keeping your computers (and subsequently, your business) – running.

Here’s a quick rundown of just how a professional IT support company can keep your equipment up to date, in good shape, and as a result, increase the productivity levels for your company.

Eliminating Technology Headaches

Contracting with a tech support team means that your company won’t be hampered or even come to a complete standstill should a computer or network crash. Troubleshooting doesn’t mean just fixing and repairing; a superior IT support team can optimize computer hardware and systems so everything runs faster and more efficiently. Your tech team can recommend the best and latest anti-virus and anti-malware programs to protect your company’s vital data.

Providing 24-Hour Support

A great benefit of outsourced tech support is 24-hour service, 7 days a week. Having a tech support company covering your back and responding promptly to emergencies can keep your business from losing precious hours of productivity due to technical problems.

Improving Communication

Employees in SMEs communicate with clients or with co-workers using computers a majority of the time. A tech support team can be instrumental in improving communications and thus stimulating productivity. For example, recommending and reconfiguring communications systems like e-mails or VoIP to boost their effectiveness.

Offering New IT Solutions

Truly professional, experienced tech support specialists stay up-to-date on the newest hardware, software and programs available and are proactive in communicating with you about them. If your company is losing its steam due to the inefficiency or speed of computer programs, tech support can assist in helping you find a better solution which will deliver better results.

Lowering Your Overhead

By switching to an outsourced tech support model, small businesses can achieve the financial freedom to grow and expand by jettisoning the cost of an internal, full-time IT department – without sacrificing customer satisfaction levels.

Assisting with Industry Compliance

SMEs may face mind-boggling IT licensing and compliance requirements, and many business owners may be uncertain about how to comply with these regulations. Tech support providers always stay current on these requirements to avoid financial and legal penalties.

Keeping Up with an Ever-Changing World

Let’s face it — information technology is becoming more and more complex with each passing year, and the ability of SMEs just to keep pace and informed is becoming more challenging. Applications, databases, software, and virtualization are completely changing the way we do business. Relying on the right tech support company to help us keep up only makes good business sense.

If you want to increase the productivity of your business and increase customer and employee satisfaction levels, it’s time to take a look at your local tech support structure and make any necessary changes. These days, outsourcing tech is definitely in!

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