5 Ways Offices Are Adapting a Green Mindset With Irrigation, Water And More!

Adapting a “green mindset” is the new big trend in office design, both interior and exterior.

And, this new green mindset can do a lot more than just help the environment. As it turns out, a green office is also great for the mental and physical well-being of its habitats.

Just think, when you see a garden of pretty flowers, you feel better, don’t you? That’s because human beings are designed to be close to nature.

So just exactly how are companies going green for the benefit of their employees and the environment? Read on to learn about the latest innovations.

1. Using Less Energy

Between computers, laptops, printers, and other devices, offices tend to use up a lot of energy.

However, cutting back on the amount of energy your office uses is pretty simple, and the offices already doing it are thankful for the cheaper utility bill each month.

Many offices are now encouraging their employees to keep their devices in power save mode so they consume less energy. Also, many offices are making it a priority to switch off lights that aren’t in use, especially at night.

Offices are also making the switch to eco-friendly light bulbs (i.e., LED bulbs).

And of course, using solar power wherever possible is also a way offices are going green and saving on energy.

2. Encouraging Alternative Transportation

Cars are huge environmental polluters. Yet, so many people make their daily commute to work by vehicle.

Many offices are trying to cut down on this pollution by encouraging their workers to seek alternative forms of transportation, such as biking or the bus. Carpooling is also being heavily encouraged.

In fact, many offices are offering incentives to their employees who bike or ride the bus to work.

3. Working from Home

20 years ago, working from home would have been an impossible task for many companies.

However, thanks to the rise in technology, working from home is now easier than ever. Working from home will cut down on the impact of transportation and general office energy use.

Plus, people who work from home tend to be happier and more productive. So there’s no need to worry about your workforce slowing down. If working 100 percent remotely isn’t an option, many offices give their employees the option to work from home one or two days per week.

4. Urban Gardening

Lucious gardens aren’t just for countryside cottages anymore. Many offices are developing urban gardening strategies to help out the environment.

In fact, many cities are now passing laws that require roofs to either be covered in solar panels or to have a garden.

If you opt for the garden route over the solar panels, you, of course, need to make sure you take proper care of the space. Be sure to hire a reputable landscaper and to have a professional install your sprinkler system.

For irrigation contractors, look for those who follow the Plant Health Care philosophy, a philosophy which advocates for sound horticultural practices and minimal use of pesticides.

You can also make sure you are using your irrigation water efficiently by opting for rain sensors on sprinklers, only setting sprinklers to water your land, and not the streets, and adjusting your irrigation timers according to the season.

5. Be Smart With Your Paper

Even in the digitized world, we live in, sometimes you have to print things.

However, offices are learning to be smart with the paper they print. First of all, many offices are opting for recycled paper with low concentrations of chlorine bleaching.


And, it’s becoming a more common practice to use misprints as note taking paper and of course, to recycle all paper when done using.

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