The Electric Future for BMW and Warranty Coverage

BMW is a highly respected brand that has always been at the forefront of technology. The German manufacturer has consistently been a pioneer when it comes to innovative technology and this is a key reason why they are such a sought-after brand. It is an interesting time for BMW and other manufacturers in 2018 as the electric car revolution is fully underway and more and more motorists are beginning to make the switch.


The i3

Unsurprisingly, BMW is one manufacturer paving the way for the electric car revolution with their superb BMW i3. This impressive automobile has all the trademark features that you would expect with this brand, but also with terrific electric capability with a class-leading range of up to 124 miles on a full charge. Additionally, the i3 comes with a 3-year warranty covering the car and an 8-year warranty on the battery.


Warranties for EVs

Warranties for electric cars has been an interesting topic in recent times as more and more motorists are making the switch to eco-friendly vehicles. For those that made the switch a few years ago (which is in the thousands), these manufacturer warranties are coming to end and this has (understandably) caused some anxiety. Fortunately, extended warranty cover for electric vehicles is available from specialist independent suppliers.


Costly Repairs

This extended warranty is important because electric vehicles can be much more expensive to repair than petrol or diesel due to the complex technology. Although they are reliable and well-built automobiles, faults can occur at any time. As established, these warranties do not cover the battery which is covered by the manufacturer for lengthy periods and then extended warranties are available on these too.


Obtaining Cover

When looking for a BMW warranty for an electric car, it is always best to use a specialist as this will guarantee the best level of cover at most affordable prices. As it can be so expensive to replace parts or repair, these extended warranties are hugely important once the manufacturer’s warranty has ended and must be considered by all.


BMW’s excellent i3 is only the beginning of this new chapter for the desirable German manufacturer. As they always have done, they will continue to improve and incorporate new technologies that will greatly benefit the electric car revolution with the releases to come. In the coming years as a more manufacturer warranties end and more electric vehicles become available in the used car market, it is important that motorists are aware of the value of extended warranties for electric vehicles as they can cost so much to repair.

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