Automation Is Eliminating The Need For Experts


As technology advances, humans are finding new and inventive ways to take the hard work out of life. Or rather, a handful of people are working hard so that the rest of the population can have an easier life, meaning that more brain power can be directed towards other pursuits. Below are just some of the ways in which technology has rendered human input all but unnecessary.

Business setup

Once upon a time, starting up a business was a laborious task. Even after you’d worked hard on your business plan to secure a loan for your venture, there were so many other aspects to consider. Setting up a website was something only a trained professional could do; you would spend hours working with them on design, interface, color scheme, and a whole host of other things. Now you can set up a website in a matter of minutes. There are plenty of websites that offer just such a service, and you can get more info here if you wanted to understand how the process works. You can even automate your Search Engine Optimization, as well as your business network security. Instead of spending hours manually testing and tweaking different aspects of your network, you can outsource that task to a company or software package which will get it done with the bare minimum of fuss.

Healthy lifestyle

Gone are the days of needing a doctorate in nutrition to be able to keep track of a healthy lifestyle. Just selecting a workout can seem like an impossible task, what with all the information available and everyone shouting that their routine is the best. And that’s not to mention the pages of information about daily calorie intake, macronutrients, micronutrients, and the pros and cons of all the fad diets you’ve heard about. Technology to the rescue again. There is a huge selection of apps which can help you to reach your goals without dedicating every spare minute to calculating how many grams of protein are in the curry you just ate. Simply input some basic information such as height, age, and weight. Let the program know if you want to lose or gain weight, and how much, and the app will tell you how many calories you should be consuming per day to achieve that. You can then input your meals into the food diary, which will tell you how many calories it was, as well as how many grams of carbohydrates, protein, and fat it contained, so you’ll find it easier than ever to keep track of how much (or little) you’ve been eating. You can also choose to utilize a personal training app, which will select exercises for you to do based on your goals and current fitness level. Many will let you decide how you want to train, so whether you’re a cardio lover, or prefer lifting weights; there is a way for you to enjoy your new, healthier lifestyle. Of course, you should always consult your doctor before pursuing any new fitness programme.


Once the reserve of the rich, sound financial advice is easier than ever to come by, thanks to the advent of robo-advisors. Although, if the truth be told, it’s not actually that new of a technology. Human financial advisors have been using automated systems to help them do their jobs a little bit quicker for years, but the technology that they use has now become available to the general public. Many wealth management services had tight restrictions on who they would accept as customers; stipulating that portfolios in the region of six figures were a necessity. They also charged relatively high percentages for their fees. Robo-advisors have very little to cover in the way of overheads and wages. Therefore they can charge considerably lower percentages for their fees, as well as accept customers with much smaller portfolios.There also now websites that offer payday loans, which can help you out if ever you are in a pinch. What once was a lengthy process of a meeting at the bank, followed by a credit check and a pay monthly plan, can now be completed within five minutes. Be sure to do your research though, as some loans may come with a high-interest fee meaning you are paying back double what you borrowed.

Learning a skill

Whether you had dreams of becoming a rockstar, or you wanted to be the person who amazed everyone with your secret second language, there are many skills that would have been nice to have, but time and money restrictions meant that it just wasn’t possible. Now you can realize those dreams. Taking private tuition is not only very costly over long periods of time, but it can be incredibly time to consume. Dedicating an hour or more per week in a busy schedule can be difficult at the best of times, but when you factor in the drive halfway across town and back to have that lesson, the impact becomes greater still. As with the diet and fitness tracking, there are a plethora of applications available to teach you almost any skill you desire. The biggest upside to this, apart from saving you huge amounts of money, is that you can practice and learn at a rate that suits you. Instead of dedicating two or three hours of your time in one chunk, you can do half an hour a day after you get in from work. This flexibility and ease of use mean that you’ll be ordering your soufflé in French and shredding those guitar solos before you know it.

There are pros and cons to every technological advancement, and obviously, the changes outlined above could well cause a decrease in the demand for certain (human) experts. But just like the invention of the car caused a decline in the number of blacksmiths needed, so too will our future advancements cause previously staple professions to diminish. However, as technology changes and adapts, so too do our needs, causing fresh occupations to surface for those with the relevant skills.

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