Neuber Lightweight Solar Panel Bags

Neuber Lightweight Solar Panel Bags
Konarka Technologies, Massachusetts, has recently partnered with German retailer Neuber to create shoulder bags that charge various portable devices using solar power. The lightweight bags, dubbed Sun Bags, utilize sunlight to create electric power, which can recharge almost any gadget – including MP3 players, cameras, mobile phones, and game consoles.
 The Sun Bag utilizes sunlight to create electric power, which can recharge almost any gadget. (Source: Neubers)
The Sun Bag utilizes sunlight to create electric power, which can recharge almost any gadget. (Source: Neubers)

According to Konarka Technologies, the Sun Bags are the lightest on the market, weighing only 500 grams including the solar panel, battery and all of the charging cables. The bag itself is sized at 37 x 29 x 13 cm (width / height / depth), making it large enough for most devices, and its design is simple yet elegant. However, since recharge is made via USB port, it cannot recharge portable gadgets that power through AC outlets, such as UMPCs.

The rechargeable battery is connected to a 1.4W solar panel; the supported devices are those that need a charging power supply up to 5V at 600mA. While most similar products offered are available in a limited number of colors (such as the Voltaic Solar Charging Backpack), this one is available in 37 colors with optional custom printing.

“There is great demand for a versatile, flexible solar bag giving users the ability to charge mobile devices on the move,” commented Alexander Valenzuela, vice president of European business development at Konarka. Furthermore, he emphasizes that without the innovative technology brought by Konarka, things would have been different: “Thanks to Konarka’s light weight, flexible Power Plastic solar panels, Neuber’s bag is the lightest solar bag available,” he said. Currently prices are around 120 Euro (approximately $180).

As mentioned, TFOT has covered the Voltaic Solar Charging Backpack, another eco-friendly charging solution. Other related TFOT stories include Kinesis K3, a piece about the portable charger that utilizes both wind-power and solar power, the roll-up solar panels, made by startup company Xunlight, and aigo, a portable charger with collapsible three solar panel.

For more information about the Sun Bag, see the retailer’s website (German, translated with Google).

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