Cape Cod from Space

This is a photograph with an aerial view of Cape Cod and “the Islands” from 220 miles above the earth. Visible are the entirety of “the Cape” and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard (left) and Nantucket (right), as well as well north of and including Boston, and to the south, part of Long island up to Montauk at its tip. The hook-shaped peninsula of Cape Cod, dotted with over 360 fresh-water ponds, extends about 40 miles into the Atlantic Ocean from the southeastern part of Massachusetts, with a north-bearing 25 mile long extremity ending at Provincetown.

The photograph was taken from a window of the Space Shuttle Atlantis by Dan Burbank, a coast guard captain and mission specialist with NASA, on STS mission 115 to the International Space Station in September, 2006.

See a different aerial photograph from space as well as more photos of STS mission 115 on NASA’s website.
Photo Credit: NASA/Dan Burbank.

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