FlameStower: Charge Your Cell Phone with Fire

The FlameStower in action
Going camping and want to charge your mobile device? solar doesn’t work at night and external batteries run out of power fairly quickly. Enters the FlameStower an innovative small and compact USB charger which uses the heat from an open fire to charge your mobile devices.
With a burning desire to create revolutionary new energy source, the founders of FlameStower Andy and Adam developed the innovative charger in their garage during their time off grad school. The FlameStower efficiently captures excess heat from a portable gas burner or campfire to charge a USB-powered devices: cell phones, GPS units and more. Its design allows for an easy setup, charging, and storing.
The biggest advantage of the FlameStower is the fact that it can charge at almost any situation – day or night, outside or indoors and even inside a tent – as long as you can have a small fire your can charge your mobile device. The FlameStower is not only good for camping, it is also a practical solution for storms and power outages and as long as your gas still work you can easily charge your mobile device and stay connected.
The way the FlameStower operate is quite simple. You open the unit and poor water into it (the colder the batter). You than put the long metal part into the fire (just like you would put a frying pan on top of a flame). The unit uses the temperature differential between the water and the fire to create electricity to charge your device using USB. The only thing you need to check is that you are not running out of water (after about an hour or so). According to the developer – for every minute of charge time you should get about three minutes of talk time on your cell phone – pretty decent especially if you need it for an emergency call.
The FlameStower is currently up on kickstarter and looking for backing (it already raised the goal of $15k and is now almost at $24k and counting). If you want one you can back it up for about $80.
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A kickstarter video showing the FlameStower in action

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