10 Nugget Couch Ideas For Your Home

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Listening to the word “nugget couch” might make things seem a little foreign and confusing. Nugget’s kids’ play couches have recently become a viral sensation, gaining traction as a popular sensory item for children to play with.

Nugget couches are, in fact, an excellent way for children to de-stress and have some fun exploring creative ways to set things up. For those who aren’t aware, Nugget Couch is a brand that produces a four-piece DIY couch-building product that’s perfect for children.

What’s unique about nugget couches is that they act like a “blank canvas” for the children. Depending on the child’s mood and creative energy, they can use the four foam pieces, rearrange things, create a sofa to lounge in, and have some time to themselves.

Since using a nugget couch is more of a DIY project for children, it isn’t surprising that parents often look for cool yet fun ideas to try out at home. This article will explore the top 10 Nugget couch ideas that you can try building.

10 Best Nugget Couch Ideas

Now that you better understand the Nugget couch and what it entails, let us walk you through the best couch-building ideas you can try out.

1. The Lounger

The first and potentially the most popular Nugget couch idea among children is the lounger. It mimics the design of a pool-side lounger that you can recline and relax on.

What’s great about the lounger design is its versatility. Not only is it ideal for relaxing, but the laid-back design is also perfect when your children want an area to read. The lounger requires three of the main building blocks, and you are left with the lone extra triangle, which you can use as a side pillow for your child to relax their head on while they sneak a nap.

2. The House

If you want to elevate the building game and introduce a new concept to your children, the tree house design deserves special mention.

Building it can be confusing, but it works as an excellent hideout spot or even for children to climb on and have fun playing around. However, the best part about building this piece is knocking things down.

3. The Christmas Tree

Now, this particular design is also known as “The Giant.” So, it all comes down to personal preference on how you wish to call it. But this design depends on your child’s stacking skills. It starts with one of the rectangular pieces folded into a triangle and placed upside down.

On top of that, the solid triangular piece is placed, followed by the thinner rectangular piece folded into a triangle, followed by the last solid triangle piece. Assembling this entire structure requires a lot of work and patience. But, once done, the final result is pretty fun.

4. The Pyramid

When you have access to a Nugget couch, the last thing you want to do is build boring designs. The Pyramid shape is another fun and quirky idea that we recommend you check out. It involves a steep ramp of triangles stacked on top of one another.

Here’s how you build it. Start by laying the thickest rectangular piece on the ground. In the middle, place one solid triangle and place the other solid triangle on top of the first one. Lastly, fold the other rectangular piece down the middle and place it carefully on the other two triangles. Stabilizing this structure is a little tricky.

5. The Tunnel

This particular Nugget couch idea is also known as The Mouth because it resembles the appearance of an open mouth. This is perfect for energetic kids who want to jump and play around this structure and have the time of their life.

Building this is pretty simple. You start by placing the two solid triangles at some distance. Then you fold the rectangle pieces into side triangles and stack them against the side of the solid triangles. Stabilizing the rectangle pieces takes some time, but you get used to it eventually.

6. The Bulldozer

This one is hands down the unique design you will get for a Nugget couch. It resembles the slide design, which keeps your children on their toes and playing on it. The triangle structure on the top is a great hideout spot for the children to take a nap, read books, or spend time alone.

The bottom of this couch looks like a slide, which the kids can use to slide down and play with their friends. Overall, it’s a fun, functional, practical design.

7. The Slide

If you want a more realistic slide design for your children’s Nugget couch, we recommend trying this. Building this takes some muscle work but is worth all the effort.

Here’s what you need to do. Take one rectangle piece and lay it flat on the ground. Place one solid triangle piece just behind the first rectangle piece. Take the second solid triangle piece and place it on the head of the rectangle piece that’s on the ground. Lastly, lay the second rectangular piece on top of the triangle piece you put behind the first one.

8. The Fort

When it comes to DIY building projects, forts are a staple. These are every kid’s dream projects to be a part of. Building a fort using Nugget couch pieces is much simpler than sheets and sofa sets.

Here’s what you have to do. Place the rectangle pieces in a way so they make half a square, ensuring that the front is open. Place the two solid triangle pieces on top of the rectangle, mimicking the roof’s appearance. And that’s it.

9. The Jungle Canopy

Another excellent and fun Nugget couch idea we recommend is the Jungle Canopy. The structure resembles the fort’s design, but it is more of an open plan than a closed square design.

You start by placing the rectangular pieces to form a basic tent design with the front open. Next, you have to place the two solid triangle pieces on top, and that’s it.

10. The Throne

The Throne is the most straightforward yet most functional Nugget couch idea we’d endorse. It uses the stacking method where you fort the rectangular pieces to create the seat and the backrest and then use the solid triangle pieces to make the armrest.

If you want to give your child a small corner in the living room that’s their own designated spot, having this Nugget couch design is a great idea. It’s comfortable and perfect for children to sit, relax, read, or watch television.


Nugget couches can be built into various things; these are our top ten picks. If you have bought the set-up and want some ideas to get started, we hope this answers all your questions in detail. The only thing we’d recommend you do is to keep changing the designs and allow your child to build something by themselves. That’s the whole purpose behind this product.

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