5 Reasons Why You Should Use Linux

For a long time, Linux was only thought to be suitable for servers and was not widely used on desktop computers. Over the past few years, its usability and user interface have progressively improved. Today, Linux is user-friendly to take the role of Windows or Mac on desktops. Thousands of people use it every day all across the world. In this article, let’s look into five reasons why you should use Linux. 

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Linux is an entirely open source project. If you’re planning to try Linux on an Apple Mac M1, you can use the approach from here: https://www.corellium.com/blog/linux-m1

While many users don’t care about Linux’s open-source, it is the most crucial aspect of utilizing GNU/Linux. The developer community gains from this, since its members are free to see and alter the source code, unlike proprietary software, which only developers can use. 

Different nations are creating their own Linux variations. In the end, this will aid these nations in the initial development of their own OSs for specialized or strategic fields like defense and communications.

Linux Is Free

Linux has always been accessible to everyone without charge. Due to its open source nature and ability to perform all tasks that UNIX could, Linux swiftly overtook UNIX as the preferred operating system for web servers. 

Small businesses and teams frequently use Linux for this reason. Additionally, you can test another Linux distribution if the first one doesn’t work for you after trying it out for free.


Linux has a reputation for being more reliable and secure than other operating systems. The code is constantly being reviewed by a large number of developers, resulting in Linux systems having less security issues.

As a result, antivirus software is not required to protect your PC from malware and viruses. Since you can inspect the source code, you can check for security loopholes in the system. Bugs in the Linux OS will be repaired more quickly than in other operating systems.


The Linux system is relatively reliable and does not frequently crash. Even after several years, the Linux OS still operates at the same speed as it did when it was originally installed.  Most users must have seen that a Windows system that has just been installed works incredibly quickly before slowing down after six to 12 months. The majority of the time, your only choice is to completely reinstall the OS and all other software. The availability and uptime of Linux servers are both excellent, at about 99.9%.


As Linux source code is always available, there are no data or privacy issues. Linux enables you to virtually monitor anything that your system broadcasts if you’re tech-savvy enough.

Tens of thousands of eyes are checking the source code for mistakes that could expose any vulnerability in the system, even if you aren’t. Linux is therefore the OS of choice for those who value their privacy.

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