5 Modern Technologies That Can Become a Key to Immortality

A hundred years ago, it was difficult to imagine that humanity would be able to fly into space, create artificial intelligence, and instantly exchange information. Modern technology has greatly changed the way the current generation of people lives. But there are still incredible discoveries that humanity has not yet made. Among them is the solution to eternal life. This article will tell you about five modern technologies that have the potential to become a key to immortality.

Genetic Anti-Aging Tool

Everything in the world has a beginning and an end. Life is short, and you want to spend it usefully. To live to the maximum and not to waste precious time, you can use the paper writing service that will do your assignments for you. The saved time and energy can be utilized to hack nature.

Nature has coded the aging process into our DNA. Scientists think it might be possible to reprogram this process with a genetic tool. By injecting the special gene into the human body, they hope to completely change the rules by which the human body operates. This approach should extend the maximum number of cell divisions and ensure a longer life.

Such a hack of a human’s natural clock should theoretically be able to deceive nature. Scientists still have a lot of work to do before any major breakthrough occurs. But perhaps this will become the technology that will allow you to live forever.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Some scientists fight aging like a disease. They study it and try to find a cure. Experts believe that the human body constantly receives minor injuries. It is necessary to find an ultimate solution to repair the body effectively. It is believed that stem cell treatment can significantly prolong the performance of the human body.

Cell cultivation does not allow you to live forever, but it significantly slows down aging. Stem cells have an amazing quality. They are capable of reconstructing any membrane structure. By replacing old or dying cells, it is possible to maintain human health for a much longer period of time.

Elixir of Eternal Youth

A classic artifact of legends and fairy tales is a magic elixir that will allow you to stay young and beautiful forever. Scientists want to create something similar with the help of chemistry.

Substances of natural origin can be obtained from available raw materials. Basically, these are some chemical elements of standard edible products. Using such substances for prophylaxis is likely to slow down aging and increase life expectancy.

Natural substances of natural origin must not have any negative effects from their use. Unfortunately, a lot of clinical experimentation still needs to be done to achieve sustainable production of these supplements.


The easiest way to prolong your life is to freeze yourself until the time when scientists find the secret of eternal life. Cryonics is more of a trick than a solution, but it is slightly more attainable than the alternatives.

It’s very simple: a dying person can be frozen to stop tissue necrosis and leave brain cells unchanged. Scientists can wake up a person from cryosleep in the future. The problem is that simply freezing a human body disrupts the internal processes and causes irreparable damage and death. How to preserve the organism while it’s in stasis is the question that is yet to be answered.

This procedure requires a lot of funds and resources. You need a container in which the patient will be located. This cryo capsule will take up space and need control. Human blood needs to be replaced with a special protective substance called a cryoprotectant. It should protect body tissues from icing.

With the help of solid carbon dioxide, the body is smoothly cooled to the required temperature. The body itself is stored in liquid nitrogen and stored at 196 сelsius below zero. In this state, the molecules of the body freeze, and aging stops. With the help of technology, the body can theoretically be stored for many years and wait for better times. Perhaps you can even study this problem in university provided you choose a suitable major. But a successful cryosleep is yet to be attempted.

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Reconstruction of Consciousness

But what to do if due to tragedy or age the body becomes unsuitable for life. There is a hope that with the help of neuroscience, scientists will be able to transmigrate human consciousness into a new shell. At this stage, there are three options for a potential shell.

The first option where consciousness can potentially be transferred is another human body. The new body is a ready and working shell. But two people cannot exist in one body, which means that the old host must be destroyed or a new body must be grown artificially.

The second option is cloning an organism for further use as a shell in case something happens to the main one. Unfortunately, such technologies are very difficult and resource-intensive. Moreover, cloning experiments are very hard to get off the ground as this practice is widely considered unethical by the scientific community and human society. Although this approach looks the most attractive.

The third option is to create a cyborg. This is one of the most breakthrough approaches to date. Already, thousands of people use robotic limbs in their lives. The creation of implants is not as expensive as the previous two. Human modifications can become more effective than the originals and can greatly improve human life.

Final words

Unfortunately, all of these technologies are either theories or are in the early stages of development. Some scientists still believe that very soon technology and medicine will allow humanity not to die of old age. For now, we can only speculate which technologies will make it possible to prolong our brief existence. But soon enough these speculations might come true.

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