Staying Secure in Today’s Evolving Threat Landscape with the Cynet 360 Security Platform

The threat landscape is dynamic and rapidly changing – a new vulnerability is born as soon as the vulnerability-of-the-hour is patched. Organizations with hundreds to thousands of endpoints are organizations with hundreds to thousands of potential points for human error.

Large enterprises with tens of thousands of endpoints respond to this risk by buying and integrating multiple security systems, in the effort to ensure all potential points of breach are secured. With resources and manpower at hand, they invest huge amounts of time and money in protecting their assets.

But what are smaller organizations – those with hundreds to several thousands of endpoints – to do? Without the manpower to maintain so many systems, they make do with solutions covering their basic needs, solutions that do not easily integrate, and in the end, do not provide the same level of visibility and security achieved by large organizations.   


Cynet: one solution providing comprehensive visibility, prevention, detection & response

The Cynet 360 security platform is one of the security solutions on the market providing what is labeled as a comprehensive solution to prevent, detect and respond to attacks and breach attempts on the organization’s internal network.  The Cynet platform espouses a ‘holistic’ approach – which includes monitoring and analysis of the network, endpoints, user behavior and files – and provides a wide view of organizational traffic for increased visibility and the ability to deliver an accurate, focused response to suspicious activity.    


Multiple capabilities

Cynet markets itself as a single product with capabilities which negate the need for multiple security solutions. The Cynet 360 platform claims to provide for all the security needs of the organization’s internal network, giving organizations the same level of security as a large enterprise, regardless of their size.  Without the need to implement, run and manage multiple solutions, organizations from small to large, can focus their time, money, manpower and other resources on more pressing business issues.


No installations necessary

Additionally, there is no need for the usually time-consuming, costly installations security professionals have grown accustomed to – with Cynet a dissolvable .exe file removes the need for complex integrations and IT downtime. The Cynet platform can be launched by the user via its online portal, or in larger constellations, can be launched across tens of thousands of endpoints in as little as 2-hours.


Manual & automated remediation

The Cynet 360 platform gives organizations increased-control over their security parameters, with the ability to quickly and easily remediate threats.  In addition to manual remediation, users can utilize rules-based automated remediation, saving time and quickly capping damage when a threat is detected inside the network.  


24/7 CyOps monitoring & forensics

Cynet’s team of forensic experts are online and available in a 24/7 SOC, monitoring alerts on the networks of customers in real-time. Organizations which already have a SOC in place can boost its capabilities with Cynet’s frontline analysts. For organizations with no SOC team, Cynet bolsters customers’ security profile with high alert accuracy and low noise. Proactive Threat Hunting, real-time Incident Response, Cynet Threat Advisories and other advanced services are part of the SOC’s 24/7 offerings. With access to frontline intelligence and an inside view of cross-domain threats, the Cynet SOC provides customers with eyes-on-glass human expertise for an added level of security.


Stopping rapidly evolving threats

The Cynet 360 platform provides a comprehensive answer to organizations existing in a world where every day sees the introduction of a new vulnerability or the evolution of a previously unknown threat. One platform with multiple security capabilities lessens the investment necessary in money, manpower and resources. Additionally, Cynet levels the playing field, making enterprise-grade security available to any size organization. This includes stopping malware, ransomware, APTs, exploits, insider threats and more – Cynet detects and remediates these, partnering with customer organizations to help them remain secure as they do business.  

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