How to Start Your Own Blog

If to believe the opinion of psychologists, those who didn’t manage to become famous actors, singers, politicians or managers search for popularity using other methods. One of them is starting a blog. At a glance, this statement seems strange but there is a ring of truth in it. How can a simple blog make you popular? It really can! Just take a look at bloggers on Instagram who have millions of followers. Not all of them are famous celebrities. Some of them are ordinary moms or specialists in their respective fields. Nevertheless, they have millions of followers who are looking forward to every new post and recommend this writer to their friends. 

Our step-by-step guide will help you organize your thoughts and finally start your own blog which will be your hobby and a source of additional income as well. 

  1. You should decide whether you really need this or not. 

    You should ask yourself whether you really want it. Are you going to invest money and efforts in the development of your blog? Do you have a few spare hours per day in order to create catching posts? Can you make interesting videos? If your answers are positive then it is high time to proceed to the following stages. 
  2. Determine the Main Theme of Your Blog. 

    The main characteristic feature of blogging is sharing the information with the core audience. Mayhap, you are an experienced aerial photographer and are aware of everything about the latest models of drones. So, why not to select this theme for running your blog? If you are an experienced craftswoman, you can share the results of your creativity in your blog. 

    There is one rule every writer should follow – you should love the theme you cover. In this situation, you will soar to success and attract the targeted audience to your posts. 
  3. Register your Blog. 

    You can select absolutely any platform. Nevertheless, if your key objective is to create a huge community and you have a commercial purpose, you can register an Instagram account. This social network is very popular today and millions of people from pole to pole browse its feed every day. Nevertheless, there are lots of other platforms as well. 
  4. Write Posts. 

    If you are going to attract the targeted audience, you need to develop the general strategy of the content. Otherwise stated, you should render a decision what particular themes you are going to cover. This work is time-sapping and in some instances, it takes hours to make high-quality posts, videos and images. If you are pressed for time,  you can hire freelance content writers at Contentmart. Commonly, experienced writers know all secrets of creating attractive and interesting articles. 
  5. Start Promoting. 

    This step is for those who wish to attract followers. There are lots of methods, allowing you to make it popular. Some of them are absolutely free, the other ones require investment. Nevertheless, you can’t promote an empty blog. You should fill it with interesting articles and photos first. After that, you can start advertising it. 
  6. To do this, you should browse the web in search of writers who have the same targeted audience and ask them to place the advertisement on one of their posts. Not all of them agree to do this but if you are ready to pay, it is not a problem. 

    The main formula for success is your desire to do this. You should love what you do and your followers will notice this! Don’t forget about the content quality. Followers will appreciate bright photos, interesting posts, and useful video material. If all these aspects are taken into consideration, you will achieve success! 

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