What We Will Eat: 8 Products of the Future that Will Feed the World

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Have you ever thought about how everything we eat might change in the future? Now, try to recall what you ate in the 90s. Such products as Capri Sun and Ring Pop are still popular nowadays. I bet your diet has changed pretty dramatically. The same can be told about the individuals that were born in the year 1100 AD. I am certain that they had never dreamt of tasting sushi, pizza, or lasagna, meals that are commonplace in todayā€™s day and age. 1,000 years ago they just hunted whatever animals they could find and then cooked it over an open fire.
Taking into consideration the data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, climate change reflects on the field of agriculture.

Apart from that, the population of the Earth continues to grow ā€“ from 330 million to 7.6 billion people. Hence, with all of these environmental and population changes, many researchers state that it will be impossible to feed such a great number of people in the future. In order to survive, people may be forced to change their food habits. So, let us make an imaginative leap and think about what is waiting for us in the future, and what our diets may look like in the year 2050.



It seems that in the nearest future different insects and bugs like, for instance, grasshoppers and crickets, will be an inalienable part of peopleā€™s daily diet. The interesting thing is the fact that the researchers are working in the field of good and agriculture claim that the bugs contain some vitamins needed for the individualsā€™ organism. Also, insects contain a high quality of protein required for the normal functioning of all the body systems. Some researchers say that flyers and insects are more environmentally-friendly that different meat products.
At present, some restaurants offer the customers a variety of dishes with insects, and today they are regarded as the exotic ones. You can try to order such dish; perhaps it will be tasty.

3-D Printed Food

As the researchers claim, 3-D printed food offers a variety of benefits for the society. Firstly, you will have the opportunity to save your time for cooking. Secondly, you can enjoy tasty meals without taking any efforts. Thirdly, such an interesting way of food-producing is environmentally-friendly. It means that 3-D printer can convert all the necessary alternative ingredients without damaging the environment. Can you imagine that? In the nearest future, you will have the opportunity to taste rich and delicious meals produced by the innovative technology. Although it is very difficult to imagine and realize, all the foods produced by the 3-D printer will contain the proteins that are required for every organism. Thatā€™s amazing!


Genetically Modified Organisms

At present, almost everyone involved in the field of farming knows what the pesticide or the herbicide is. Evidently, they use these elements to make the vegetables grow faster, look better as well as make them resistant to different diseases. One of the most important benefits of the genetically-modified food is the fact that it tastes considerably better than the ordinary vegetables grown in normal conditions.
The interesting thing that should be mentioned is that, in the future, the researchers will develop genetically-modified food that will improve peopleā€™s health. The reason for this is the fact that such products will contain some elements required for the individualsā€™ organisms.



The researchers claim that seaweed will be the crucial element of the peopleā€™s daily diet in the nearest future [1]. For the recent years, algae and seaweed have become the mainstream product because of the number of their nutritional properties. The researchers have already proved that seaweed contains all the vitamins, trace elements, and minerals needed for the individualā€™s organism. Apart from that, seaweed contains some key nutrients that include iodine and fatty acids.
Iodine is one of the crucial elements needed for a good metabolism, thyroid function, and the individualā€™s cognitive health [8]. The interesting thing is the fact that algae and seaweed are considered to be the tasty forms of vegetation that have the greatest number of healthy elements required for the peopleā€™s health.


Artificial Meat

Since 2013, the major part of people knows about the lab-grown meat [1]. The scientists working on this project claim that, in the nearest future, people will include this artificial meat in their daily ration [9]. There are several reasons for such dramatic change in the individualsā€™ diet. Firstly, people who decide to become vegans or vegetarians will have the opportunity to eat meat products and receive all the elements required for a good functioning of their body systems.
The following important argument is that meat industry has a negative impact on the environment [10]. In this case, producing the artificial meat will reduce the number of greenhouse gases. Although the scientists take significant efforts to produce lab-grown meat, it is impossible to predict whether people are ready to replace meat products with the artificial ones. The reason for this issue is the fact that people do not trust genetically-modified organisms [10].


Fake Fish

At present, aquaculture faces some various challenges that include habitat destruction and pollution. Moreover, overfishing is considered to be the following global environmental problem [11]. Taking into consideration all the challenges faced by the aquaculture, it can be concluded that farming will be the most important area of food production in the future [1]. In this case, due to the problem of overfishing, people would witness the lack of marine products. However, farmed fish will provide the population with all the elements and minerals required for normal functioning of peopleā€™s body systems.


Food With Edible Packages

Have you ever thought that one day you would have the opportunity to taste the package of the product you have bought? It is difficult to believe in it, but in the future, the organizations producing food will offer the customers such a chance [1]. Moreover, such packages could be dissolved by the hot water, as the researchers state [7]. Apart from that, the innovative packages would be useful for the peopleā€™s health since the seafood contains some vitamins as well as a high level of fiber. Such eco-friendly approach will have a good impact on the environment.


People Will Harvest Their Honeyx

At present, bees represent a great part of the food industry that continues to develop. It is a considerably important thing since honey contains crucial elements needed for the peopleā€™s health. It is a well-known fact that honey has the anti-bacterial effect due to the element is known as an enzyme [12]. Also, regular consumption of this product contributes to the improvement of the individualā€™s immune system. Taking into account the fact that honey contains a large number of friendly bacteria, it is often used as probiotic.

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