4 Inventions That Actually Changed The World

Advancement in the technology sector has led to numerous inventions that have shaped the world around us today.

No matter how many people praise science or curse it, the fact is that new inventions are the reason we are surviving or we would’ve still been in the era where we had to walk miles to find drinkable water. It is technology that has allowed us to evolve and be smart.

Here are 4 inventions that actually changed the world:


  1. Smartphone

The first phone call was made in 1878 by Graham Bell with the first ever phone. It was an invention that shook the world because it allowed us to have better communication that was quick and cheap as well.

Nearly, about a hundred years later, Motorola invented the cell phone somewhere in the 1980’s. It sure was a remarkable invention but not everybody could afford it as it was around $4,000 but it told people what the future had to offer.

Technology continued to advance and then came the smartphones. IBM and Bellsouth were the first to invent a smartphone that had a touchscreen. This was an extension to telephones with additional features like sending emails and faxes etc.

Today, smartphones are ruling the communications industry because they’ve made communication as easy as possible. With a single dab on the screen, people can call, video chat, send text, click pictures and do a whole lot of stuff. The invention of smartphones really changed the world.


  1. Magnetic Cards

Magnetic cards hold information in the magnetic stripes given on the back. Upon swiping the card, the information is read by the magnetic reader and the result is processed. When the information is matched, the result is positive (door opens, payment is obtained, attendance is marked etc.). That’s how a magnetic card works.

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Thanks to magnetic cards, there is better security around us as only authorized individuals can enter premises. Plus, money is also safe as those with a working card can access money in the ATM machines. All this was not possible until a few years ago.


  1. Automobile

Traveling in horse carriages was sure a lot of fun but considering the amount of time wasted, a replacement is needed, and now we have automobiles doing the job in a much better manner.

Karl Wagon was the first to design a combustion engine and a motorwagen. While the first design had its flaws but those were corrected by Henry Ford who gave us one of the first models of a commercial car.

Today, cars are affordable, faster and safer than before. We can travel long distances without any issues.


  1. Internet

Imagine the days when there was no internet? Scary. It was in the 1960’s when DARPA invented a smaller level internet program by the name of ARPANET. It was only for the military to communicate and do academic research.

The concept was so successful that plenty of computer network companies stepped into the play and by the late 70’s, a TCP/IP programs was up and running.

It sure took 10 years for TCP/IP program to take over the world but it was worth it. Today, about half of the world’s population has internet access that has made the world a global village as the internet allows people to do a lot of things from exchanging information to watching videos to staying in touch with people from around the world.


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