The Future of Things (TFOT) is an independent online magazine dedicated to bringing original content on science, technology, and medicine to the general public. Founded in 2006, TFOT continues to provide comprehensive, accurate, and high quality coverage of emerging scientific and technological innovations.

“We do the digging, so you don’t have to”

We move beyond the “right now” and the trendy by examining “what-ifs” and possibilities of tomorrow. We do this by covering unknown breakthroughs and uncovering projects still in development within the science and technology communities.

Our Philosophy…

We’re about helping you EXPAND your mind, sparking your CURIOSITY and having you DISCOVER interests you never knew you had. You are not conventional and so we shouldn’t be either! We are not necessarily going against the grain BUT instead going BEYOND it. We are not just for tech junkies and science lovers…

  • Have an interest in fashion? Great! Let us show you how the latest technologies are changing the way things are being made–3d printed shoes, new synthetics, and more. Get ahead by explore new methods and new tools for your trade!


  • Interested in the environmentAwesome! Browse around to find the latest projects and developments being made in sustainability, infrastructure, and green tech.

Here, everyone can stay on top of the latest technological and scientific advances to stay focused on the future.

We Also Love to Share Fun Facts & Info. Here are Some About Us!


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