StickNFind – So you Will Never Misplace Anything

Stick-N-Find Bluetooth sticker

The Stick-N-Find app
Stick-N-Find is a new community backed project to develop small Bluetooth enabled stickers which can help you locate and track practically everything using a simple applications. If it hold true to its promise you will never lose your keys, remote, luggage and can even keep tabs on your pet and kids.
There are many positional uses for the Stick-N-Find – the most obvious one is locating small objects like keys, remote controls or a wallet. More interesting uses could be when tracking moving subjects. Connecting the tiny Bluetooth sticker to a dog or a cat collar can allow you to track its movement within a range of about 100 feet (although to get this range it will need to be in a line-of-sight which kind of take the edge of the idea in some way). Another use of the Stick-N-Find is based on the special mobile app allows the user to let the user know when a sticker is moving out of range. This feature called virtual leash, allows you to create a virtual area at an approximate selected distance from your phone, and get an alarm whenever the sticker passes this area. You can even select a different type of Alarms for different Stickers.
Another cool feature lets you know when a sticker gets into range. This could be good for an airport where a user could place a Stick-N-Find Sticker on a suitcase and once the suitcase is within Range, the user’s phone will sound an alarm.
Besides letting a user locate object via the app “radar” display, it is also possible to use the light or buzz (or both) function on the Bluetooth sticker to let the user know where the object he is looking for has been hiding.
The Stick-N-Find requires a mobile device with a Bluetooth 4.0 support such as the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, new iPad, New Touch, mini iPad as well as several Android devices such as the Samsung S3, and Note 2. Each mobile device can control up to about 20 different Bluetooth stickers and the user can name each of them to simplify their use.
The Stick-N-Find stickers weigh about 0.15 ounces and are 0.16 inch thick and when there battery runs out the user will get notified by the application and it is possible to replace the cell battery by opening and removing the old one. The Stick-N-Find uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy protocol which means it can run for over a year on a tiny cell battery (CR2020 type) and still have a 100 foot range.
The Stick-N-Find project is currently in the process of receiving initial funding from users on the indiegogo crowd funding website (a website quite similar to Kickstarter and other crowd funding initiatives). The price for 2 stickers currently stands at $35 (the official price next year will be closer to $50).
The following video shows the Stick-N-Find in action

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