17-Key Mouse Designed for Gamers

The USA-based company Razer has recently introduced the Razer Naga, a 17-key mouse specially designed for gamers. The mouse offers full customization of each key and was specially made for massive multiplayer online games (MMOG), which gained popularity during the last couple of years.
Razer Naga (Credit: Razer USA Ltd.)
Razer Naga
(Credit: Razer USA Ltd.)

The introduction of the new device took place in Cologne, Germany, where the company presented its latest devices at the Gamescom 2009 convention. Among the various PC accessories exhibited, the Razer Naga stood out thanks to its embedded, customizable 12-button thumb grid; this is in addition to the 5 buttons already present on the mouse.

According to the maker, the grid was designed to keep the fingers on the mouse, rather than hunting down various keys assigned to the keyboard – a problem faced by many gamers. Furthermore, this design should also eliminate the often excessive clicking on screen.

Another advantage offered by the new device is its add-on software; in conjunction with the supported titles, it enables gamers to save unlimited profiles and program thousands of different in-game commands for each character. Therefore, the hassle of remapping is eliminated. Moreover, the ergonomic form factor gives players comfort, since it is optimized to give convenient control of every button.

A demonstration of the Razer Naga in action can be seen in this YouTube video. According to the company, much thought has been put to create the elegant design, including the blue-light emission. However, a significant drawback of the device is its lack of compatibility for left-handed users. Such potential consumers will need to shop for a fitting gaming mouse elsewhere.

Priced at $79.99, the Razer Naga is a relatively expensive mouse; however, some gamers might consider it a good addition to their ever-growing stock of accessories, since it could enhance their gameplay experience and improve their ergonomic environment, thus maintaining their health.

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For more information about the Razer Naga, see its manufacturer’s press release.