Pack Your Belongings for A Long Haul: 12 Expert Tips

Get ready because if you’re reading this, there is a high chance you’re making a long-distance move soon. Cross country moving is a challenging and overwhelming task. But it is also rewarding in the end when you’re finally at your destination. You can also help take a lot of stress and potential problems off long-distance moving by prepping correctly. But, where do you start? And how do you know what to do? We are here to tell you, from how to pack to how to hire the best long-distance movers.

Long-distance moving and storage companies will have services like packing and even offer packing supplies. For example, California Movers USA’s cross-country moving services list out what they can provide and free quotes. You can find that here. Long-distance movers are experts in this area and will know how to pack up and transport your items safely.

 Follow along for 12 expert tips for packing to make your long-distance move more manageable.

1.)  Create a Plan

Making a plan should be the first thing you do before you begin packing and moving all of your belongings. Whether you choose to write it down, make a spreadsheet, etc. A plan and timeline help you stay organized and on track to move long-distance, whether to a new state or a new country.

If you move long-distance, it’s crucial to realize how much more it takes than a city-to-city move. This is why a written out plan helps; it keeps you on track. And if you’re struggling with creating a cohesive step-by-step plan or timeline, experience, and knowledge help. Try finding any moving long-distance companies that will offer services that can help with this process.

2.) Declutter

Since you are making a long-distance move, it is vital to declutter. So before you start moving and packing up, take this opportunity to start going through your belongings and setting aside things to either donate, sell, or throw away. This step allows you to cut down on time you’ll spend boxing everything up and create a cheap moving option, as well as decreases your need for supplies that can be expensive.

3.)Buy Packing Supplies

Before it’s time to start packing for a move, you need supplies first. The basic supplies you’ll need are:

●  A variety of boxes in different sizes

●  Packing tape

●  Duct tape

●  Bubble wrap

●  Thick permanent markers/label maker

●  Newspaper

●  Scissors and tape

●  Moving blankets and  furniture pads

●  Special boxes and crates for fragile items

If you don’t feel like packing on your own, find moving companies that pack for you. This option takes a lot of stress off you and gives you more free time to accomplish long-distance moving tasks. Research “long-distance moving companies near me” to find movers that pack for you to find the packers and movers cost.

4.) Inventory List

Taking inventory of your household items is extremely important. While packing, you need to document each thing you are trusting with professional moving services. Your belongings will be insured through professional movers, which is super beneficial to using reputable moving companies. But if your item is not listed for inventory and gets lost or damaged while with your movers, it won’t count on the insurance. Think of this as a long-distance moving checklist. It can help in various ways for your move.

5.) Hire Movers to Pack

You don’t have to take on this long-distance move yourself. The best way to pack when moving is by getting help. And we are taking real professional mover’s aid.

First, you need to research to find the best long-distance moving company. Next, you need to get quotes from movers. It’s advised to get at least three. If you’re only looking for cheap moving companies, there’s a chance you won’t get reputable ones. The cost of a mover varies. So, make sure the mover’s quote isn’t too low. That’s a red flag.

6.) Disassemble Furniture

If you have furniture that can easily be disassembled, do that. Long-distance moving can be rough on your belongings. Saving space and carefully packing items like furniture can help diminish the risk of damage.

7.) Pack Room-by-Room

One of the best packing tips for moving is going room-by-room. If you start in the kitchen and pack away your belongings, those boxes shouldn’t get mixed with anything from your bedroom. See how easy it is? It keeps you organized and helps when creating the inventory checklist.

8.) Label Boxes

Another great trick on our packing and moving tips list is labeling! Imagine you finally get cross country to your new home, and you put a box full of kitchen supplies in the guest bathroom. It creates chaos and can lead to more stress. It’s a smart move and just plain simple to take a sharpie or a label maker and label the boxes.

9.) Hire Professionals for Speciality Items

If you did not choose your movers to help you pack, you might want to reconsider when it comes to specialty or fragile items. A professional packing service will know exactly how to handle these types of things, ensuring their safety.

10.) Ask for Help!

As we are on the topic of help, it’s okay to ask for help. A long-distance move is difficult and time-consuming. But that’s what family, friends, or even a professional packing and moving service are for, to help! It saves you time, energy, and it can be a great bonding experience before you head across the country as a goodbye to any loved ones.

11.) Stay Organized

One of the best expert tips you can receive when packing for a move is to stay organized. Not just with your belongings or boxes, but any personal items you’re taking with you on the road, your family, your pets, your paperwork. If everything is organized and ready to go when it needs to be, your long-distance move will be a breeze.

12.) Load it up!

Our final packing and moving tip is to load up your belongings properly. Your interstate movers will help you get everything onto their truck for the long-haul move ahead. Make sure you load things evenly by weight—fragile items in a safe spot. And remember, boxes go first.  However, if you hire a professional moving service, the company will take the reins on this part.

Good Luck!

You now have our final 12 expert packing tips. We are optimistic that following these tricks will allow your packing to go more smoothly, leading to an efficient and easy long-distance move. Good luck.