Working With Remote Employees: The Tools You Need

Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

When businesses found out that they would need to let their employees work from home, many rushed to purchase time tracking software and attendance software.

While such software is necessary to ensure your employees are producing the maximum possible productivity, there is another breed of tools that many businesses overlook. 

These are collaboration tools. Tools like attendance tracking tools make it possible for you to ensure your employees are working for you. However, in order to enable yourself to work with them, you need collaboration tools.

The great thing about collaboration tools is that they are versatile in nature. 

Such tools, on one hand, make collaborations possible and on the other, can also be used to engage remote employees.

The sudden switch to working from home has been as hard on your employees as it has been on your business. Suddenly not being able to leave the confines of their homes, not being able to meet their colleagues, and other similar restrictions have caused many professionals to feel lonely.

With the following tools, you can make sure you are doing your part in helping your employees maintain a positive state of mind, while also ensuring that they are able to effectively collaborate and in turn, deliver delightful results:

Video Conferencing Tool

Video conferencing solutions are perhaps one of the most versatile collaboration solutions available today. Here are just a few of the things you can do with a video conferencing solution:

  • Train Employees: Many businesses are experiencing a slump in work. Training employees is a great way to engage them while creating a more skilled workforce for your own business. Not to forget, training employees is one of the best ways to turn this downtime productive. It is also a great way to keep remote employees engaged and connected with their peers.

The best part is, video conferencing for training is not a temporary solution. It can be utilised even after your office reopens and can potentially save your business thousands of dollars in training infrastructure and logistics costs.

  • Conduct Interviews: Conducting virtual interviews is not just the need of the hour, it is also a viable way to save precious time and money that goes into the hiring process. Video conferencing tools can also be used to onboard new employees.

Besides these, video conferencing tools can be also used for more obvious purposes like team meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Instant Messaging Tool

Working virtually has changed the way we communicate. From conversations near the water cooler to simply popping up at a colleagues desk to ask a question, many forms of communication are simply not possible anymore.

Sure, you still have email, video conferencing tools and phone calls. However, phones are a source of distraction and many of us ignore our phones when we work and you cannot expect your employees to email one another every time they have questions.

This is the need that instant messaging tools address. They will enable effortless communication between your teams and employees.

Shared Documents

Shared documents are an obvious addition to this list. These documents are available on the cloud and enable multiple users to edit the same document in real time. 

It is not hard to imagine how shared documents like Google Docs are incredibly useful for online collaborations.

Virtual Whiteboards

Another crafty online tool for online collaboration, a virtual whiteboard does exactly what the name suggests.

Besides the obvious uses like creative collaborations, virtual whiteboards are also great for training employees in a more engaging way.


These were our top picks of collaboration tools that will make life easier for you and your employees. 

Did we forget to mention any tools that you use at your business? Share them with us and everyone else in the comment section below!