5 Fire Stick Channels Worth Installing on your Office TV

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

Installing a big TV with cable in your office’s waiting room for your important visitors is a good idea. But considering the higher cable costs, most small businesses owners are replacing their cable with the new sensation in the market – the Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

If you are one of such business owners who recently switched to Fire Stick, you have done the right thing to cut your costs on cable. However, it is also important that your visitors are still enjoying the movies, shows, news while they await for you. The Amazon Fire Stick is a great device, but it is useless unless you get the right apps to keep it on par with cable. There are thousands of options available in the app store and today we are going to review the top 5 channels that are worth installing for your office TV.


Netflix is inarguably the top streaming app based on the wide variety of content it delivers. The app is also sleek and well thought out. One can definitely spend hours and hours binge-watching the content on Netflix. 

The famous phrase “Netflix and Chill” is very real as the app is highly addictive and delivers great entertainment at the same time. The subscription rates are reasonable and affordable. Just install the Netflix app on your Amazon Fire TV stick, log in using your credentials and you are good to go.

Amazon Prime Video:

Prime is Amazon’s premium service to customers. For a small subscription fee, users get access to features such as free shipping, fast shipping, music via Amazon Prime Music, Video via Amazon Prime Video and much more. If you combine the monetary worth of all of these services, you get more than three times what you pay for it. The video service is great and comes with lots of TV series and Movies. 

There are also several Prime Video exclusives that you can’t watch elsewhere.


Kodi is a free alternative to all of the apps mentioned here and should be used only if you are not able to afford the premium services. Kodi is an open-source service that has lots of options to get entertained without spending a penny.

It has your favorite TV shows, HD movies, Music, etc. There is one catch though, in order to install Kodi, you need to have a bit of technical expertise. The app is not available on the app store and you need to jailbreak your Amazon Firestick to install it. After installing Kodi, you will need Movie and TV addons to start streaming. The process is perfectly safe but takes a bit of time and expertise.

ESPN for Fire TV:

If you are a sports enthusiast and enjoy watching sports on the large screen, you should definitely get this app. ESPN has the rights to cover many sporting events and streams its content using this app for firestick users. 

You can purchase passes only for the event you like and start streaming it. This means that you don’t need to purchase a sports package, but only pay for what you want to see. There is also a 7-day free trial for you to check things out.

BBC News:

BBC needs no introduction. It is one of the top news agencies in the world that covers everything from local football matches to international war.

If you like to keep yourselves updated on what is happening around the world, you need to purchase the BBC news app for firestick.  You can watch videos, read articles, listen to live streams, etc, without any interruptions from advertisements.


I hope I was able to give you some helpful insights about the popular apps for Fire Stick that can help you replace your cable TV. If you think I missed some apps that are worth installing, mention in the comments below and help other fellow business owners.