5 Tips to Create a Professional Yet Cheap Website

You want a professional-looking website for your business, but you don’t have $10,000 to pay a web development company to build a site for you. Don’t worry. I have a few amazing tips for creating a powerful and eye-pleasing website for low cost.

To know these tips, you will have to stick to this post till the end.

#1 How to Save on Web Designing

Web designing is one of the most crucial parts of your website that highlights your online presence. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it can make a great difference in how your audience sees your business.

A website design keeps too much importance in the success of your site. But do you know, alone it can cost $1000 or more? Don’t worry, to save money at this stage, I have a few suggestions for you:

Choose a Good CMS (Content Management System)

Earlier, the content management system was thought to be just a blog oriented platform. Nowadays, CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla have been used to build almost all types of websites.

The best thing is CMS like WordPress is free to download, install and use. Moreover, it has thousands of free and paid themes that you can use to give your website the design you want.

It means with WordPress, you can get a good looking website live at zero cost. Though you will have to pay for web hosting and domain name.


Consider Cloud-based Web Development Platforms (Website Builder)

If you don’t want to pay a huge amount of money to web developers and designers, you may also consider platforms like Wix, Webnode, DudaOne, etc. Platforms like Wix allows you to create a professional looking website for free of cost. Even for their premium plans, you will have to pay a very small amount.

A website builder is a great way to create a professional-looking website on cheap. The good thing is, you won’t have to go through the painstaking process of coding every single page.

Most website builders come with pre-built templates that you can edit according to your requirements.

In comparison to other platforms, website builders considered quite user-friendly. You don’t need to hire an expert to update and remove content piece on your site.

Most website builders support drag-and-drop features. It means you will not be spending hours to make any changes to any element on your site.

#2 How to Save on Web Hosting

As a website owner, you want your audience to access every part of your site. But for that, you will have to invest in a trustworthy hosting provider. Like web designing, hosting is also a critical part of your site.

After all, it is a place where your websites’ files and data are stored on a remote server and from where your site’s content is made available to your audience.

Web hosting is important but it shouldn’t break your bank. Below are some tips to avoid paying extra on hosting.

-It is a good choice to start with a shared hosting plan. In the beginning, your site would not have that much content, and it would receive limited traffic only. There is no point to pay for expensive hosting services like dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.

-You should look for crazy deals on special days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is the time when most hosting providers run special discounts on their web hosting services. For example, if you will take a look at Hostinger’s Black Friday deals (2018), you will be surprised to know that they are offering up to 90% off on their basic shared hosting plan.

-When you buy a hosting service for a longer period you save a good amount on the total purchase. If a web hosting company is offering 25% discount to first time users, there is a good chance that they will not offer any discount on renewals. So, it is better you buy a hosting plan for 3 years or more.

– When buying a web hosting service, you should focus on your current requirements. Drop all the extra features that you think are not required right now.

#4 Look for a Free Domain

Alone a domain name may cost you between $20 to $50. If you want to save this amount, look for a hosting provider offering a free domain name. You can easily find hosting providers that give free domain for the first year with their hosting plan.

#5 Save Money On Images

I think everyone would agree on this that images are important to a website. According to research, an article that has images get 94% more total views.

60% of users are more likely to consider a business when their images show up in search results.

In short, images play an important role in increasing the engagement rate on your site. If you don’t have time to create your own photos and don’t want to pay a huge amount on purchasing pictures, you can purchase royalty-free images from websites like pexels, unsplash, reshot, picography, etc.


Building a website can be expensive. Nevertheless, with a little creativity, you can save a decent amount on your total website building expense. I hope this post gives you some good ideas to save money on website building. If you have any suggestion on your mind, kindly write it the comment section below. I would be happy to hear from you.