All You Need to Know About Rapid Prototype Manufacturing


Rapid prototype manufacturing technology cuts across a lot of discipline, mostly engineering disciples. Rapid Prototype Manufacturing is simply the integration of knowledge from various engineering discipline channeled towards the quick manufacture of scalable models using three-dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD). This technique was developed in 1970 by Joseph Henry Condon and his colleagues while working at the Bells Lab which was owned by Unix Circuit Design Systems. About Ten years after this invention, this technique was ready to be deployed for commercial manufacturing purposes. As of then, Rapid Prototype Manufacturing technique was simply employed in the production of only models prototype parts. But, thanks to advancements in technology, we are now in a new era and this technique has really evolved, it now finds a lot of application in the design industry, giving room for designs to be easily reproduced from a given data set. However, this flexibility has also led to numerous cases of copyright/patent right infringements over the years in the manufacturing industry.

Applications Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

Below are some of the areas in which this technique finds an application.

  • Maritime industry: Ship spare parts can easily be produced from 3D models
  • In medical field: surgical guides, custom prosthetics models can easily be built
  • In mechanics: Functional prototypes of mechanical gears can also be easily manufactured using a 3D printer.
  • In medicine: can be used for scaffolds prototyping for medical tissues.
  • In the Aerospace Industry: Functional parts of an airplane can also the reproduced with this technique

Benefits of Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

The benefits of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing technique cut across various industries. The automotive industry as over the years experienced significant growth owing to this invention, as motor parts can easily be reproduced from prototypes. The medical industry (the invention of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine) and aerospace industry were also of no exception. Generally, we can say this invention as brought more accuracy and precision into the manufacture of machine parts from their prototypes. Below are the core potential benefits of this method of production.

  • Prototypes can now be easily reproduced leading to significant reduction in lead time.
  • A lot of costs can now be saved from direct manufacturing. Errors can now be easily eliminated, as we now have more precision and accuracy on prototypes to be scaled up.
  • Also, there has also been significant improvements in the quality of prototypes when finally reproduced. They often now look very identical
  • it can be used for very short production runs
  • It makes rapid manufacturing relatively inexpensive

Rapid prototype Industry Overview

As the demand for products and services rendered by companies in the industry keeps rising, there are no doubts that the Rapid prototype manufacturing industry is quickly emerging as one of the leading and high growth industries of the world. Space engineers are of the view that this technique can proffer an all-inclusive solution to existing slow manufacturing process experienced in their field, which often cost very high. This technique gives solutions to a whole lot of bottleneck issues encountered when using the traditional manufacturing process. This industry is only comprised of about 200 companies so far, but fast-evolving when compared to other industries. In a paper published by wholer in 2014, I have reported that this industry is currently worth $4 billion, with a projected annual growth rate of about %22.6, by 2020 this industry is projected to worth $20 billion.

Market Share

Over the years, the massive growth experienced in this industry can be attributed to rapid advancements in modern day technology. Rapid Prototype manufacturing technique keeps finding application in almost all industrial sector. Also, in the same report published by more whole in 2014, he gave insights into industries who currently employ this technique in the production process. Below is a chart pie representing the end market share in of the various industries using this production technique.


Source: Wholer

This industry is also estimated by Goldman Sach to worth $40 billion in the next 15- 20 years from potential advancements in technology, well let’s hope it does.

Competition and Barrier to Market Entry in this industry

This industry remains promising owing to everyday advancements in technology. It had attracted a lot of firms and major stakeholders in the industry over the past five years to make investments. As week speak, the market share competition is this industry is quite very low, because a lot of companies still employ the traditional production method in their manufacturing process. There are no much entry barriers, other than the startup cost. The equipment used in this industry are priced very high in the market, but the production process comes cheap compared to the traditional methods.

Are you interested in rapid prototype manufacturing or you have an invention designed by you in which you’ll love to make a reality? Waykenrm is the rapid prototype manufacturing company you should speak with as we always make use of advanced rapid prototype manufacturing and CNC machining every of our production process. Below are some of the application of rapid prototype manufacturing in which we are specialized.

Plastic prototype machining



This is one of the major areas in which Rapid Prototype Manufacturing finds its application. Waykenrm can virtually cut any of your block materials with respect to your CAD specifications. When you are so particular about the quality of your plastic prototypes, high level of design tolerance, CNC machining is your best bet and Waykenrm is the company to speak with as we are known for producing top of the class plastic prototypes. To top it all, all these can be achieved in just a number of days.

CNC Aluminum Machining




I couldn’t but ask myself all the time, why do a lot of folks still prefer the traditional method of production to rapid prototype Manufacturing? CNC Aluminum machining has been proved in many ways to be cost-effective and faster than any other traditional methods of production. With CNC Aluminum machining, consider the production of your complex 3-D parts to be stress-free. All you have to do is reach out to a top class rapid prototype manufacturing company such as Waykenrm, as it is globally recognized as one of the leading prototype manufacturing company in China and in the world at large. They have got a great team of highly talented professionals. Be rest assured of quality, your project will be fully analyzed and optimized with the best-known solution.

Automotive Prototyping




Automotive prototype manufacturing is one of the widely used applications of rapid prototype manufacturing. Almost any part of a given automotive can be perfectly replicated with this method without any design or production bottlenecks. As a matter of fact, both the exterior and interiors lighting parts of any automotive can be perfectly reproduced with this method and that is where Waykenrm comes it. Waykenrm offers a complete automotive prototype manufacturing solution, which gives the company the flexibility to operate and offer support at all levels regardless.

Production of Functional and working prototypes



The production of functional working machine parts is sometimes given higher priorities in the production process because in most of the cases these functional working parts often dictate the overall efficiency of the machines in which they function. Owing to the high level of accuracy in the production offered by rapid prototype manufacturing, functional and working parts of any machine can easily be reproduced with a much better high level of accuracy using CNC machining and that is what Waykenrm does best. With CNC machining you are guaranteed of a much better strength coupled with quality surface finishing that will make your customers come running for your products.

Low Volume manufacturing



There are no other production methods that save money and time more, other than CNC machining when it comes to the production of prototypes in lesser quantities. Waykenrm Vacuum Casting and tooling technologies can create any of your low volume prototypes which often cost more using traditional production methods, in a number of days

Production of clear optical prototypes



The production of optical prototypes can never be any easier with CNC machining. With this method, optical prototypes can easily be produced with a high level of accuracy and tolerance, leaving no room for scratches or marks. With WayKen the production of your lighting automotive parts is achievable at low and affordable prices.

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