How to Stop Mundane Tasks from Interfering with Creativity

For people that work in jobs where creativity is not only needed but expected, it can be hard to stay on task and really give it your all. Often, it’s those mundane tasks that end up creeping in, getting your attention, and taking you away from the more important matters at hand. So, how can you as a team leader or an individual employee ensure that these mundane tasks don’t take over all your time and thereby take away from your opportunity to be creative?

Here are some tips you can start using right away.

Make Sure You’re Working with the Best Tools

One of the best tricks in making sure you stay on task is to ensure you have the right tools to get the job done. For PCB designers, Altium designer is useful as it provides all the tools required to produce a PCB from concept to manufacturing, giving a streamlined customized solution to your design needs. This is the kind of tool that helps you stay on track and brings your creative vision into reality. The price of PCB software ranges, and so it’s best to try and evaluate the quality of the tools as well as the price.

Having efficient tools to get the job done helps when increasing productivity, cuts down on production costs, and helps to ensure the job is done right from the start.

Make a To-Do List – Then Cut it in Half

While this may seem like an odd tip, it can actually prove to be incredibly helpful. Start out by making a list of all the tasks you want to get done in your day. Now, take a look at that list and be ruthless, cutting it in half. What this does is forces you to be realistic and prioritize. There’s a good chance that not every item on that list was necessary for today and that it would be taking away from the items that do need to be prioritized.

Of course, the mundane tasks should be the first ones you examine and cut whenever possible. These are tasks that aren’t time-sensitive. As you work on cutting things, use the 80/20 rule. Experts explain this rule as the fact that only 20% of what you do in your workday produces 80% of your total results. If it helps, you can break up each task into steps and then remove 80 percent of the steps since it’s only 20% that will be needed in the end.

Try to Stay on Task in the Morning

It’s inevitable that things will come up during the day, things you hadn’t counted on or allotted time for. Instead of stopping what you’re doing to deal with them, save them for the afternoon. In general, people tend to be more the most productive and creative in the morning, so you want to get as many priority items as possible dealt with before noon.

After you have your lunch break, you can start dealing with those items that aren’t as important and urgent.

Be Your Most Creative Self

Each of these tips will help you to be your most creative self by keeping you on track, organized, focused, and goal-oriented.