Taylor Swift Surprise Visit to UK Fan Shows How Celebrities Can Use Instagram

Instagram is a rapidly growing platform that celebrities all over the world are cashing in on it. Taylor Swift made a surprising move that shows how big-name celebrities can use it to gain more traction by being bold and genuine.

One of Taylor’s fans made a great statement about her on Instagram. Taylor decided to repay her by making a surprise visit to her home.

This shows that Instagram is more than a great way for celebrities to get exposure. It can also be a great way for them to connect with their fans on a much more personal level. Here are some things that they should consider while using Instagram.

Instagram Should Be a Two-Way Communication Between Celebrities and their Fans

There was a time when celebrities could build their careers on sheer talent. If they could sing well, they could sit in their ivory towers and ignore the people that paid for their art.

Those days are long gone. Social media has forced celebrities to form a much more interactive relationship with their fans. They rely more on social media than PR, which means they need to invest in it wisely. Celebrities that don’t regularly respond to their followers on social media will come across as arrogant or distant. At the bare minimum, they need to respond to some of their tweets or replies. They obviously can’t respond to everyone, but they can come across as being more transparent by making an effort to respond to everyone they can.

If they can’t get back to everyone, they will choose to get back to people that deserve the reply the most. They tend to prioritize giving attention to sick fans or people that fell on hard times. Or to people that really put in a lot of time into their responses.

Making Personal Responses is Important

In the old days, celebrities would rely on paid assistants to write letters to their fans. This is no longer a viable option today. There is simply too much on the line when using social media. Their replies to every person will be seen by thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. If their responses go viral, they could get picked up by major media outlets and be heard by millions.

Going the Extra Mile Makes a Difference

Taylor Swift could have simply sent a quick, polite message to Lara on Instagram. She didn’t have to go halfway across the world to pay her a visit. By putting in the extra effort, she showed Lara and her other fans that she is very sincere about appreciating their support.

Other celebrities should take note of this. If they want to build their image with fans, it is a good idea to put in a little extra effort once in a while.

Up and Coming Celebrities Should Build their Social Media Presence

Social media is a great way for new artists to get discovered and build an image as well. They don’t have the benefit of tapping a massive network of existing fans like Swift and other celebrities. They may need to invest in buying automatic Instagram likes and other paid marketing campaigns to inflate their social media presence. These strategies work well when they take a data driven approach to marketing.

Social Media is the Key to Strengthening Celebrity Images Among Fans

Many celebrities are looking for new ways to build their presence. Social media gives plenty of opportunities, but they may need to put in some extra effort. Taylor Swift shows the benefits of going the extra mile to please her fans. Chech out how you can get more popularity on Instagram with Income Artist.