Essential Tech to Take On Holiday

The technological age is upon us – but you probably already knew that. It’s practically impossible to escape today’s technology, from our TV screens through to satellites orbiting the earth above us and flashing away in the night sky. It can be overwhelming but technology can help us in more ways than we could begin to imagine, and it’s about time we take full advantage of everything that it has to offer. From ordering a new passport when yours is due to expire or applying for your new EHIC at ehic.com and applying for a new PAN card if necessary, to entertaining yourself in-flight, technology can make traveling easier than ever. We’ve decided to take a look at some amazing tech you need to take on holiday – it’s totally essential, we promise!

Smart Suitcase – Bluesmart

Okay, we might have lied a little about every item on this list is essential, but the Bluesmart Suitcase was just too good to pass up. With built-in GPS, you need never lose your suitcase again! The app will track the case every step of the way from anywhere in the world so you can rest easy on the flight knowing your case is comfortably flying with you – unless it’s not. But at least you’ll know where it is. The Bluesmart suitcase is controlled by a mobile app and can do so much more than just be tracked. This smart suitcase is a power bank in itself, letting you charge your phone battery to its full capacity up to around 6 times, and with a built-in scale, you can be sure that you aren’t breaking any weight limits! So this suitcase is totally essential… You’ll just need to have around £280 or so spare, depending on the size of a suitcase that you want.

Solar Chargers or Power Banks

Okay, so not all of us can afford a smart suitcase to charge our phones on the go, but luckily, power banks are everywhere. In £1 shops, tech shops, bargain bins in supermarkets and beyond, you won’t be far away from buying your very own portable charger. Some can hold the same capacity as the suitcase or more, but if you just want a little something to carry around with you to give your phone a boost while you’re out and about on holiday, a little power bank could be an affordable, hassle-free choice!

Wacaco Minispresso

A portable coffee machine – every caffeine addict’s dream. There’s no need to give up your morning brew in exchange for weak or stale hotel coffee when these beautiful machines exist! The WACACO Minispresso machine will provide you with well made, great tasting and high-quality espressos on the go! You can get your caffeine fix quickly, all without having to give up on some of the great taste you’re used to! It uses the same amount of pressure that a traditional espresso machine uses, so this really is a tiny coffee machine, perfect for travel!

A portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

For those of us who find ourselves glued to every Wi-Fi hotspot we find, it could be well worth investing in a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. What’s a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, I hear you ask? Well, it’s a beautiful little piece of tech that gives you a Wi-Fi signal, all without needing to hover outside the closest fast food restaurant! You could be sitting in the middle of a field and still have Wi-Fi. It truly is the perfect little dream for internet lovers, and perfect for when you’re on holiday – after all, it eliminates the need for relying on the faulty hotel Wi-Fi!