5 Vital Areas Web-Based Workers Need to be Trained On


Web-based workers are always up against it in terms of the general tasks they undertake. Whether they provide customer service to hundreds of customers or they’re involved in data entry, there are plenty of security issues that can come into play. If you’re looking to train your web-based workers so you can increase productivity, but you’re unsure of where they need training, consider some of the following ideas.

1. Security Management Training

When it comes to security, there’s so much you can do to ensure your IT infrastructure stays safe. With more and more hackers coming to light to spoil the fun for businesses, it’s crucial your web-based employees know how to secure themselves and the business. A simple mistake is all it takes to pave the way for hackers to get into a system, so training in online security is vital. Consider putting your employees through courses like F5 Application Security Manager training to help them prevent HTTP-based attacks. You should also consider other security training courses so they all know the basics.

2. Customer Service Training

Many web-based workers now use the latest online chat support systems to improve customer service from the bottom up. However, not many of them know how to use such systems properly. It’s not just the knowledge in the systems they need to thrive either; it’s also knowing how to look after customers the right way. Putting your employees through customer service training could greatly improve the experience for your customers – something that’s important to the success of your business.

3. Database Infrastructure

With more and more businesses turning to databases and big data to increase efficiency at the backend of their businesses, it’s important even the employees who aren’t tech-savvy still know how to use databases. MySQL is one of the biggest players when it comes to online databases, so putting them through the basics in that department could pay dividends.

4. Basic Programming Training

Web-based workers will always come across code regardless of what their job entails, so putting them through the basic programming languages like HTML would be a good start. If your business works with databases and your employees are starting to learn the ropes, it could also be a wise move to give them a chance to learn the likes of PHP to better their overall knowledge of a server-side programming language.

5. SEO & Social Media Platforms

With the digital age now heavily reliant on the likes of Google and Facebook to propel their businesses to the top, it’s important all employees are knowledgeable in both fields. Online businesses are all in strong competition when it comes to targeting keywords in Google, and they’re all trying to build massive audiences on Facebook and Twitter to give them instant brand exposure. Although social media is fairly easy to grasp, when it comes to insights and metrics, it’s important employees know the ins and outs of content marketing. Content marketing comes into play for both Google and Facebook, so it’s wise to push employees into training so your business is well equipped when it comes to getting its nose in front of the competition.

The above are just some of the courses and subjects you should push your employees into learning. Not only will experience in all the above fields help your business grow, but it’ll also boost efficiency and give employees the chance to come up with new ways to improve your usual business processes. Of course, the most vital subject that your web-based workers should be learning is in online security. One common mistake is all it takes for your business to be a victim of a hack.