Guide To Choosing The Best Skype Recorder


Skype has been around for a while and has served many purposes in that time. Among the many purposes it is used for, online calls rank high. This can be attributed to the excellent quality of the output and sundry circumstances. Aside from this, if you are an entrepreneur or you work abroad, you may well be familiar with the many benefits of having the Skype software on your phone and laptop. Whichever category you fall in, there will come a time when you need to document or record some of your conversations on Skype. That is where a Skype Call Recorder comes into the picture.

The need for recording your Skype conversation may vary based on your intent, but whatever you do, you will need to record your conversation somewhere somehow. This need differs whether you are a student and you need to record your Skype call with a lecturer or you are a journalist that have to keep a record of an interview. Whatever the case, the need for a Skype call recorder cannot be overemphasized.

The fact that Skype does not provide custom recording facility with its app makes it all the more necessary for you to opt for a Skype recorder. However, this is not a problem at all as there are tons of add-ons that offer recording options for your Skype calls. Where the bulk of the challenge lies is in the fact that you need to sort through the loads of apps that are available out there for the best and one that suit your need.

Another factor that makes the task of search a little demanding is the fact that Skype does not endorse any of the add-ons. With this in mind, every potential user is left with the caveat of shopping for their favorite choice at their own discretion. In itself, this can make one a bit skeptical about which Skype recorder to trust, but that is why I have written this article. It entails the criteria and factors that you need to look out for in the selection of the best Skype call recorder. This article will help you prune down the list of prospects to the most relevant and reliable.

Features Of The Best Skype Call Recorder

Like everything else in life, choosing the best call recorder for Skype can be a bit daunting. Particularly if you don’t know what to look out for specifically. But not to worry, let us get to know what exactly to consider when searching for the best Skype recorder.

Quality Of Recording



The only reason why you will ever agree to pay for any service at all is because you want to get the best from it. Same goes for selecting the best call recorder for Skype. Although much has been said about the internet connection and microphone as crucial factors in recording high-quality audios for Skype, the chosen recorder app also has the role it plays. You may wonder what relationship does the add-on have with the quality of your recording? The connecting point is in the given record format.

Basically, when recording over the internet as in the case of using a Skype recorder, the record format matters a lot to the output of your recording. For this type of recording, it is best to keep the format regulated to what is being transmitted. The best formats for recording audio files over the internet are MP3, MP4 and WAV. So, if the call recorder you are opting for does not provide good quality output for your recorded file, then it cannot meet the mark of a good Skype recorder. A valid example of a Skype call recorder that meets this requirement is TalkHelper.

A good Skype recorder should have the provision for you to record your audio and videos calls in any format that you deem fit. This format can either be MP3, MP4, WAV or AVI. A review of some example features of a good recorder showed that the ability to record high-quality versions of your discussions on Skype is a crucial quality of an excellent Skype call recorder add-on.

This ability is however predicated on the provision of multiple recording formats by the chosen app. So, when you are opting for what can count as a good call recorder for Skype, be sure to look out for the quality output and format.

Further on quality of the recording, I mentioned earlier that different recording options require particular formats to produce good quality. Since the format of the file being recorded is a contributory factor to the quality output of one’s recording, then it is crucial that we look out for a Skype recorder that can provide multiple choices of the recording format.

If you aim to transfer the recorded data to a mobile device for further listening or safe-keeping, then the option of MP3/4 will give you a good enough quality. In the case when your desired end storage point is a CD or other high-quality format storage, then, by all means, you should have the chance to save your data in WAV format.

My main point here is that for any recorder to pass the requirement of “best” it is supposed to provide its users the option of format that can suit individual need and choice.

Ease Of Use



Next to quality output is ease of use. No matter how impressive an app can be, if it cannot be easily used with little or no need for supervision or guide, then the whole aim of it being an app or add-on is defeated. If I am getting a recorder for my Skype sessions, I expect that it should be as simple to use as my Skype. Matter-of-fact, it should be able to connect with my Skype is less than six steps. I think you too will agree with me on this.

Connection proceeding is only one part of the equation when it comes to ease of use. Basically, it is the most trivial feature to be considered when factoring in ease-of-use. The main points to determine whether a choice recorder is easy to use are the configuration and actual use.

What is the point of a good app that requires me to call or chat with the agents or seek out forums like Quora to configure and use? The configuration should be as simple as ABC while the actual use should be straightforward as can be.

You should be able to independently set-up and configure the app for use with little or no reference to a guide. The configuration process is that part where you set-up things like location to save files and what format you want your data in. All these are crucial factors in determining the usability of a good recorder for Skype.

Away from the set-up and configuration process, the actual use is also an important thing to look into. If I am going to use a recorder for my Skype sessions, it had better be one that can seamlessly work with my Skype. So, for any Skype add-on to meet the mark of “best” it should be very easy to record Skype calls on it.

Along the line of ease-of-use, some recorders offer the option of automatically saving all your calls on Skype. Now that is a very good example of ease of use. It relieves you of the hassle of having to open the app every time you want to place a call. That means you have one less thing to worry about in this world of hustling and bustling.




Very rarely do outstanding things come entirely free. More so, with the age of the internet today, the only free premium thing you will ever get is a limited trial period at the expiration of which, you are required to pay. Some even request that you provide your payment info for automatic deduction at the expiration of the trial. This has become a truism.

This, for me, is beside the point. What I am concerned about is the affordability of the paid service. In the case of Skype call recording, many (if not all) offers the service in exchange for a sum of money. But because we are all humans, one of the criteria of a good recorder for Skype is for it to be affordable yet premium in its offering.

Affordability here doesn’t mean it should be cheap such that it cannot run a good service. What I mean is that it should be within a reasonably affordable range so that those who need it can afford the service.

Yes, there are free versions that can be used for limited time or with restricted access, but ultimately, one needs to pay to get the full benefit. This payment, however, needs to be as reasonable as it is justifiable. Affordability here can be seen in the light of the given value being commensurate with the paid value. So, regardless of the hype and buzz, a Skype call recorder will not count as good if it does not offer its service in a manner that can be afforded by the people.

Compatibility With Various Operating System Versions

This has nothing to do with the platform where the service is being launched – whether it is Windows or Mac. Whatever platform that is available, a good Skype recorder should be made available across OS versions. It is important that I note this here, do not misconstrue compatibility on OS version with cross-platform compatibility.

I do not intend that every good recorder must be available for Windows, iOS, and Android – that is cross-platform compatibility, and that is something else entirely. What I mean here is that the brand of the recorder to be chosen should be available across all the versions of any given OS. An example is that the add-on should work on Windows 10, 8, seven, etc.

That is a significant concern for many users. A vivid example is the Windows 10 palaver. I know a number of people who are still stuck on the Windows 8 because of the few glitches that have been highlighted about the 10. A good Skype recorder should accommodate people in that category and makes its add-on work just as much for the latest OS users as it will for those using older versions.

This should be a necessity, right? Wrong. Not all Skype recorders have this feature. Some have been known to only work with the latest versions of your operating system. What could be more discriminating than a selective privilege? So, I count this as an essential factor in the criteria for selecting what the best recorder for Skype should be.

User Interface Design

The design is a key part of the consideration for the best Skype recorder. This is because most often than not, the user experience is determined by the user interface. By user interface, I mean the way and manner that the add-on interacts with its user. This encompasses everything from the design to structuring and architecture, color choice and more.

First, simplicity is crucial. The app’s interface must be as simple to use and understand as it is to navigate. One cannot downplay this at all. A good user interface design allows the user of the app to navigate better and fully enjoy the potentials of the given app.

Another point of a good user interface design is a contributory factor to the poll for adjudging a good recorder for Skype is the fact that it aids the general operation of the app by every category of users. Since the overall aim of any recorder is to better aid communication, then the app should have a design structure that is good enough to navigate with ease.


After all, has been said and done, it all balls down to the having a good experience with any chosen app. For some recorder, they may manage to rack up some of the above criteriums while others only meet up with less. I believe that there should be no compromise whatsoever for you as a user when choosing your preferred recorder for Skype.

Just like I will not compromise on the standard of selection, I say no one should. The five factors or criterium analyzed above are not things to be compromised on. If an app does not meet up with all these requirements, then it cannot be vouched for as a good tool for recording your Skype conversation.