The Borofone BE10 2-in-1 Earphone Review


The BE10 earphones are like no other wireless earphone in the market. But, does that make them an instant buy.


  • Ability to simultaneously connect to two devices
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Stable sound quality
  • Long standby time


  • Only operates with phones and other gadgets that can access Wi-Fi.

What is in the Packaging Box?


Inside the BE10 packaging box, you will find the following.

  • One micro USB charging cable
  • One ear hook
  • A complete set of large, medium and small ear tips
  • One shell carry case

Design and Build

The style and design of this wireless earphone are one of a kind. First, there are three available colors for you to choose. You can, therefore, get them either in black, red, or gold.

You may be wondering, what makes the BE10 different from other wireless earphones out there? Well, some factors differentiate the two.

With the BE10, you get a dual channel for music, a single earpiece, and the body. On top of this, the earphone has a Micro USB port that allows you to swap between earphones and single earpiece. The concept that sets the BE10 apart from the other earphones is quite simple.


When it comes to comfort, BE10 earphones do not disappoint. Expect the angled nozzles of the earphone to fit perfectly well in your ears.


The BE10 earphones are very light. Someone can hardly notice when you are wearing them.

Pairing and Range

The BE10 wireless earphone uses a Bluetooth 4.1 connection. The device also enjoys A2DP, HSP and AVRCP support.

To enjoy the strength of these earphones, you have to pair them with a Bluetooth device. And just like you think, pairing is quite simple.

All you need to do is long press the power button until the indicator flashed red and blue. After this, activate Bluetooth connection in your device. Use the tool to search for BE10. Once you find it, just select a pair and let the accessories do the rest.

How long can you actively use the BE10 Bluetooth connection? The BE10 device has a signal strength of up to 10 meters. The intensity may, however, vary depending on the obstacles between the device and the earphones.


BE10 has a great and unique design. The build is excellent encompassing excellent battery life and a great comfort.If as a person you are required to take essential calls often, and you have a beautiful love for your music, this is the earphone for you. If you ponder about it, they do both but at lower prices.