How EDC Will Change in the Future

Nowadays, the majority of people carry items such as a wallet, phone and keys. However, depending on the trade you work in, your hobbies and your interests, your EDC’s will change. For example, if you tend to travel a lot with work or are a pilot, you may carry items such as a portable charger, soundproof headphones, a dual time watch and an easy access case which you would store things such as a passport, emergency cash and cards in.


However, as the world continues to develop and evolve, our EDC’s will change. Thanks to our good friends at Gear Hungry, we have been able to provide you with some ideas and items that may become our everyday carry items.


Technology has already made a huge impact on our everyday lives and is here to stay. Technology will only continue to grow and develop over the coming years; therefore, we need to accept this and grow with it. This will ensure that we do not get left behind as technology advances further and further.


With this being said, our first EDC essential is a portable charger. This small, yet powerful and long-lasting item will allow you to charge your phone on the move. This enables you to stay online and connect with people whilst on the move throughout the day, not allowing your phone to die half way into your day if you are unable to find a plug or a USB plugin.


Your next EDC essential is the Nomad Key. This handy little keychain is perfect for those that frequently find themselves near a charging point with a near- dead phone and are always forgetting the cable that connects the two. Coming with either a USB or a phone charger connector, this keyring is very durable and flexible, will help to keep your phone charged. Alongside a portable charger, this item is essential for those always losing charge on their phone.


Moving onto the third essential EDC and here we have the smartwatch. Due to their flexibility, you are able to do a variety of different activities on them. They are also increasing in popularity and are thought to be the next item to further digitalize, replace and enhance your current EDC items.


Our fourth EDC item is a multi-tool. Due to the amount of people constantly on the move and in need of specific tools to carry out certain tasks. These tools could range from a bottle opener on a night out, opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew, or a sharp knife to cut a fishing line when on one of your fishing trips. A multi-tool is small, helpful in many situations and can be easily attached to your keys as a keyring, therefore, you should definitely purchase one of these. If you’re looking for the perfect multitool visit Gear Hungry today to read some great reviews & guides on buying multi-tools.


The importance of everyday carry items is so great and when needed, are seen as some of the most helpful tools you could possibly own. With the introduction of technology, a lot of our EDC items have already changed, however, they are likely to soon change again. Make sure you purchase these essential everyday items as soon as possible to help simplify and digitalize your day.