A look inside the home of the future

Everyone has their own idea of what the future will hold for us, truth be told we just don’t know how the future will be. We can predict what it might look like, take educated estimations of what our technology will have advanced to, but when it comes down to it, the future is a mystery.

It’s a gentle yet captivating puzzle that all desire to decipher. Except, we already are solving it, we’re living it. Think about it, time is relative. Technically there never will be a future because when time passes we’ll always be considered as being in the ‘present’.


Enough wondering and aimlessly imagining, let’s paint our blank canvas with an educated look at what future homes and their ambitious technology could embrace us with.


Eco-friendly Homes

An eco-friendly, sustainable home would solve a lot of our environmental issues. Imagine waking up to your ceiling covered in hanging plants, tons of greenery embracing the white space in your bedroom and the smell of fresh, oxygen-rich air as you open your crystal clear Simply Plastics windows.


It would be a wonderful feeling to know that your home is contributing to healing the Earth after years of abuse. Hopefully, in the next years to come, it will be standard for people to be as sustainable as possible. Homes will have bins with biodegradable bags and the waste we produce will be put to use in some way or another.



Moving on from a natural looking future home to one with robots, 3d Printers and buttons that order products for you – quite a jump from rooms filled with plants. There are already robots and Artificial Intelligence that surpasses our expectations of what a robot should be. Just imagine in a near future it’s the norm for a house to home an actual robot/AI that can talk and act human-like. One that does all your chores for you and literally lives to serve.


There’re already robots like this that exist and for the extremely rich, are buyable. This is why we can give a pretty educated guess that the prices will go down as better, more advanced robots will be produced and soon most of us will be able to afford one. Just take a look at the care-o-bot!


Amazon Dash Button


This product is something that is already on sale, the Amazon Dash Button. It’s a small button, that you can stick on your cupboard for example and press when you run out of milk, or cat food etc. With this tap of the button an order will be sent out for the product the button is for.


It means that you could have a few buttons for all of the usual food products you buy. Like bread, milk, pet food etc. So, as we know you can already buy these, but imagine the future holding more innovative versions of these buttons. Maybe we’ll have one button that you can click to re-order your usual food shopping. Now that would be useful.


Whatever our future homes will be like, they’ll definitely become more sustainable, useful and, well, epic! What are your ideas on the future of our homes? Leave a colourful, imaginative comment and paint your own future home in words.