What’s The Best Printer For Me?


Are you looking for a printer but are unsure which type is best for you? From inkjet to laser and all that’s in-between this guide can help, with everything you need to consider when buying a printer.


Inkjet printer

These are the most common printers for home users. They work by spraying tiny dots of ink onto plain paper, using a mixture of cartridges which are usually, black, cyan, magenta and yellow in colour. Inkjet printers are ideal for everyday use because they are cheap to buy – when it comes to price, they can start from as little as £20. These printers are also relatively small in size, so don’t take up much space in the house. If you want to print photos out they are a great choice, providing you use special photo paper.


Whilst the printers themselves might be cheap however, the ink is not. A set of cartridges can often cost as much as the printer itself, if not more, and the ink will dry up fairly quickly if the printer is not in regular use.


Laser printer

This is the perfect printer to support a small office team. These high speed, mass documentation printers are great for those who need their work in a hurry. Because they are made for fast printing they have a large paper tray. Most only print in grayscale, so are best for printed documents, not images or photos. Laser printers can photocopy documents quickly and can also scan things. Unsure how they work? Check out this article by Explain That Stuff.


They’re also larger in size, with industrial types available in freestanding designs. It’s also worth noting that replacement toner cartridges can be pricey, but they last much longer than inkjet or laser printer cartridges.


Photo printer

This printer is the best choice for those of you with digital cameras and want to print lots of photos. Many of these models allow you to plug your camera straight in and print without the need for a computer or laptop. Higher end models will often feature one or two memory card slots. If you don’t want the hassle of a computer and just want instant snaps, this is the one for you. Check out this list of the best photo printers for 2017, from PC Mag, to help you make your choice.


All-in-one printer

These printers are very similar to inkjet ones just with offer some additional functions, such as scanning and photocopying. There is usually a lid on the top of these printers that you lift up to place documents, for scanning straight onto your computer or laptop which you can then print. Again, like inkjets, these printers are relatively cheap but they are bigger in size due to those added functions. They also require more expensive ink cartridges that are known for running out quickly.



Which printer is best for you? Be sure to shop around before making your purchase to ensure you find the right model to suit your needs.




Professional printers

Should you require specialist bulk printing or flexographic printing for items such as mailing bags or leaflets it may be more cost effective in the long run to consider using a professional printer, rather than purchasing an in house printer.