Processes Involved In Unveiling New Nutritional Products

The Supplementation Game

It’s well known that fully flourishing in a healthy way most naturally comes through proper diet and exercise. That said, it’s possible to both speed up the rate at which a person gets into a sustainably healthy physical and mental state, and even to enhance that physical state. The way this is often done is through supplemental regimens.

As a result, there is a huge boom in the supplemental market. Everyone everywhere is buying and producing supplements of all kinds for a variety of needs. From the intimate requirements of couples to the athletic requirements of athletes, to the Herculean efforts of body-builders, a wide-range of supplements are available such that any market need is filled.

Many startups get into supplementation because these products can be very profitable. Additionally, if the supplements are properly vetted before they hit the market, they stand to prospectively provide some people with authentic advantages. There will be some factors to consider before you go to market, however.



Testing And Review

First and foremost, you’re going to need ironclad proof that your product isn’t harmful to users. One of the best ways to attain this proof is through animal testing. Conducted in-house or out-of-house, this can be expensive. However, it makes sense to conduct such testing in-house, as you’ll likely be developing more supplements which require testing in the very near future.


So as you go about establishing an in-house lab, you want to be sure you’ve got the most optimized lab you can get. Use known-effective technological trends. This isn’t the fifties anymore, you can use barcode tattoos as a means of tagging test animals rather than spending hours tagging them the old fashioned way.


New Categorization Solutions

RapID Lab | automated lab animal ID they designed, provides just these type of innovative technological testing solutions. Not only are they new, these automated mouse ear tags are also humane, providing fast identification with 100% accuracy.


If you save a minute per rodent on a hundred rodents, that’s an hour and forty minutes. That’s six hours and forty minutes a month, or 86.67 hours a year. If you’re conducting tests monthly, and the worth of your testing personnel is $20 an hour, you could save $1,733.33 annually by using innovative technology. So you see why optimization is integral.


This is especially considerable when you take into account the swift way in which the nutrition market has transformed over the last fifty years. Today it’s possible to synthesize practically any kind of drug for any kind of purpose—just like you’ve seen in movies where this practice was previously science fiction. You can even increase your own—or clients’—intelligence.


According to Corpina.com, “…there are pills like the one from Limitless.” If you’re not familiar, this is a film where deadbeat Bradley Cooper finds a pill that makes him a super-genius. As it turns out, modern pharmacology has discovered just these kinds of brain-enhancing supplements. Called “nootropics”, such supplements can do wonders for you.



A Trend-Setting Supplement

If you can create a flagship brain-enhancing nootropic, then this can work as your primary motivating agent in getting new products out. You can branch into men’s and women’s health, develop supplements to enhance exercise, increase memory, and the list goes on. Once you’ve got your flagship supplement designed, the game becomes one of marketing strategy.


Provided you market well, and your product is appropriately qualitative, you’ll be able to see exceptional profit in the current supplement-crazed atmosphere. So take advantage of the market as it stands, and find the profit you’ve been seeking.